Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Is Power Schmoozing for YOU?

Have you ever wondered  how it is possible that certain luxury real estate marketing professionals can earn a massive income with just a basic website that is not well optimized to appease the Google Gods and  logging into Facebook only occasionally, if at all?  Marketing luxury real estate is more of a people business than a technology business.  And, these agents get that point loud and clear. They excel at the art of the in-person Power Schmoozing, the ultimate social networking skill, in our opinion.

With all of the hoopla over social networking and internet marketing too many very capable luxury real estate marketing professionals have gotten distracted, lost their perspective and have lost sight of their priorities.  Online schmoozing and blogging, when done right, can be effective.  But, how much time does it take in your day? How much time is the right amount of time for YOU?  This is something that you must ask yourself, personally.

In luxury real estate marketing, mega-incomes do not just happen. You need to consistently expand your sphere of influence if you want to expand your referral base. There is no getting around this.  However, If you are more shy than gregarious online schmoozing  and blogging may fit your personality better than a round of golf with highly connected friends. 

Recently, the WSJ reported that the game of golf is losing 1,000,000 players each year.  They referred to “time-squeezed, electronically-addicted” business people who think four hours or more is too much time away from the pulse of their business. But, how much time are you spending online?  It may be worth your time to measure the effectiveness, in terms of referrals, between online schmoozing and blogging and in- person power schmoozing.  Then, set your priorities accordingly. You may be surprised with the results.


This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra. 


Chateau in the Sand: A Piece of Provence – Atlantic Beach, Florida

A rare opportunity to own and live in a work of art, this authentic Provence style home is located in the northern most frontier of residential oceanfront property in Florida, called “Old Atlantic Beach.” Initially settled many decades ago by old guard Florida families seeking a summer escape, the homes are nestled among high dunes and Oak hammocks that provide a quiet and luxurious atmosphere for people who value their privacy.

Perched on the edge of a dune on Atlantic Beach, this home is a lifelong dream of the owners. The home has Palladian roots with the timeless architecture of symmetry, elegance and simplicity, as well as an interior that displays a collection of art and antiques. All the doors are unique, all the light fixtures are careful reproductions or antiques, and finishing touches such as a Turkish marble sink and copper footbath filled with black river rock. 

The kitchen is a Chef’s dream. With an expanse of marble laid atop a worktable and a one-of-a-kind double sink carved out of stone by French sculptor Marie-line Foussier. The Library is another jewel – an entire room, seamlessly installed from a turn of the century New York home.

There is approximately 12,000 square feet of museum-quality construction with 7,000 square feet heated and cooled. Five bedrooms, five baths, two powder rooms, 1000+ bottle wine cellar, and massive hand-hewn heart cypress timber beams and rafters on terraces and in the kitchen.

The cabana level offers a luxurious 2-bedroom apartment with its own garage, private entrance and access to a private boardwalk to the beach.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing: When Your Name Becomes a Brand


Achieving celebrity status within your marketplace as a luxury real estate marketing professional can elevate you to “top-of-mind”.  At this point you become both well-known and well thought of locally by your target market and potential referral sources. Only then, when your name itself becomes very well-known, is it worthwhile to use your name as your brand and also as your website address.

The sudden death of Whitney Houston, one of the great voices of her generation, amplifies this phenomenon. Just the mention of her first name associated with the recording industry sparks immediate recognition of the performer.  Rihanna has recently achieved this status.  So, has Adele.  

Recently, famed Italian chef, author, restaurateur, and regular contributor to PBS cooking shows such as Lidia’s Italy, Lidia Bastianich, launched a product line.  This line includes pastas, sauces, and more.  Every item is known as Lidia’s.  Accompanying the picture and simple logo is her Italian slogan, “Tutti a Tavola, A Mangiare!”  This means, “come all to the table to eat!”  She ends each of her shows with these words.

If you have not reached this level as local celebrity think again about using your name as your brand, and your website address.  Think of it from the standpoint of a website visitor who knows no agent in your marketplace, let alone which name is the true market leader.  You would be much better served branding your practice and your website address as a resource, an authority on the lifestyle in your area. But, if you have established a name for yourself as the leading authority in your area or a niche therein, stick with your name as your brand.


This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra. 

Market Insight: Phoenix, Arizona - Chateau of Central Transcends Idea of Arizona Living with Five-Story Luxury Brownstones

With Arizona traditionally known for palatial desert estates, Chateau On Central’s unexpected five-story brick and masonry brownstones in Phoenix offer a leek East Coast alternative to the traditional tile-roof and adobe-style homes synonymous to Arizona.

This elegant Old World style brownstone community features the same brick and mortar architecture of the historic buildings which line the streets of the most elite brownstone communities throughout the East Coast. From classic patina turrets and wrought iron detailing to spacious private terraces, Chateau on Central is a sophisticated 21-residence brownstone community that offers Arizona residents a rare opportunity to experience an opulent East Coast lifestyle.


Returning to the market earlier this year newly priced in the low $1 millions, the luxury development is especially unique to Arizona because it’s the only high-end community in the Valley to have so closely replicated the Queen Anne style architecture from the late 19th century. Chateau on Centrals architecture was inspired by the historic Rosson House in downtown Phoenix, the Victorian style home was built in 1985 and at the time was considered one of the most prominent residences in the Valley. Today the Rosson House functions as a museum and is the only remaining example of Victorian architecture in the state.

Over a century later, Chateau on Central bears a similar prestige given its lavish design, historic influence and Old World style. The landmark community is idyllic in location, just steps away from the state’s most prestigious art museums, shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment venues.


Each of the 21 homes at Chateau On Central features five levels of lavish living space and dramatic architecture that blends Old World sophistication with the charm of a historic brownstone in the heart of Phoenix’s arts, culture and entertainment district. Ranging in size from 5,200 to nearly 5,800 square feet, with a signature residence that boasts a sprawling 8,200 square feet, generous square footage along with multifunction zoning allow for potential office and/or boutique retail space. Priced from approximately $1.1 million, Cambridge Properties is the broker of record for Chateau on Central. 

Tucson, Arizona: A Small, Vibrant and Enchanting City

With 25 years of selling luxury real estate in Tucson, Arizona, Adriana Loschener, Associate Broker of Long Realty Company, has seen the ups and downs of the housing market and how it has affected her marketplace. “We have a very unique market,” Adriana says. “Tucson is surrounded by mountains to the north, east and west. An Indian reservation is to the south of us. Because of this, we don’t have the urban sprawl of other big cities, so our inventory of homes for sale is limited. The luxury properties we currently have for sale will not be available 12 months from now.” 

Adriana notes that Tucson is surrounded by mountains to the north, east, and west. An Indian reservation is to the south of us. Because of this, we don’t have the urban sprawl of other big cities, so our inventory of homes for sale is limited. The luxury properties we currently have for sale will not be available 12 months from now.” 

Adriana notes that Tucson is a small, yet vibrant and enchanting, city with many amenities. “You’d be surprised by how much there is to do in Tucson and the surrounding area,” Adriana says. An endless amount of outdoor activities, including golfing, hiking and biking, are favorites among locals and visitors alike, as is the city’s arts and culture scene. Perhaps the most interesting perspective of the city is that many people actually come to Tucson during the “monsoon season,” Adriana says. “You can enjoy a cool, early summer morning, watch the monsoons in the afternoon cool off the Sonoran Desert, and then appreciate the awesome sunsets.”

And when you come for a vacation to the Old Pueblo, there’s a good chance you will want to stay. “People come for a visit to Tucson, fall in love and make it their home,” Adrianna points out. “The housing market in Tucson is growing steadily. Real estate is at a great value, making it a perfect time to buy.”

50 Top Luxury Real Estate Markets in the USA: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Pristine and serene are words that best describe one of the most beautiful lakes in America. Yet, Lake Couer d’Alene in Idaho is just one of 13 magnificent lakes in a mountainous region that includes the towns of Coeur d’Alene, Sandpoint and Hayden Lake. With 5 ski resorts within a short drive of these towns, the area is steadily gaining a reputation for quality of life that is unsurpassed, especially if you enjoy a full range of winter and summer recreational sports.  Located just 30 minutes from Spokane International Airport, the Coeur d’Alene area is not just a destination for vacationers it is a great place to retire or simply call home.

The scenic beauty in the Coeur d’Alene area is absolutely stunning. In fact, Sandpoint was recently named the most beautiful small town in American by USA Today and Rand McNally. Cheri Hyiatt says, “There isn’t a day that goes by that I look outside and something catches my breath. The people are beautiful here, too. There is a real sense of community with people who have a passion for life”.

Karen  Corcoran states,  “As a resort destination, the combination of mountains and lakes in the Coeur d’Alene area has a similar feel to Lake Tahoe in California”. Downtown Coeur d’Alene is a cross between the quaintness of Carmel and the beauty Tahoe. Living here feels like you are perpetually on vacation. The people are genuinely friendly. It started out as more of a retirement community.  But, now it has become more family oriented”.

According to Jan Keener, “Coeur d’Alene Lake is about 28 miles long with over 200 miles of shoreline. If you own a dockside home on the lake you can boat into town. There are wonderful restaurants right on the lake”.

Natalie Leatherman points this out: “One big difference between our area and the alpine resorts of California or Colorado is the lower altitude. You can comfortably go swimming in our lakes and rivers because they are much warmer in the summertime. With warm water and an average temperature of 85 degrees in summer months, boating, waterskiing, jet skiing, river rafting, and fly fishing become that much more enjoyable”.

Bob Schmand adds, “There are no mosquitoes and no poisonous snakes in the area which makes camping and hiking more fun. Golf is also very popular here. The Blackrock Golf Club in nearby Hayden Lake was first made famous by singer/actor Bing Crosby who grew up in Spokane.  The Crosby family still has a home there”.

Coming from a wonderful area in Southern California, Pam Jank can appreciate why people want to move to Coeur d’Alene. She says, “We live where you vacation especially if you are into recreational sports. We even play golf in the winter, “mukluk golf” that is! With snow shoes and tennis balls, we have a great time. People spend less time on freeways and more time doing things like this together here”.

Cindy Bond puts it this way: “Why not live where you can play?  The Coeur d’Alene area is the perfect scenario for those who are looking to get out of a metropolitan area, enjoy their hobbies and interests in great weather and in a safe community. The people who move to Coeur d’Alene as full time residents and those who purchase a second home are focused on enriching their lives. And, they bring the best of where they came from which enriches us all here”.

“One of the best features about living in Coeur d’Alene, according to John Beutler, is the variety of natural and cultural experiences available to you, plus the convenience of being close to a major city. While you are only ten minutes from the national forest you can reach Spokane, a metropolis of 500,000 people, in a half hour”.  Bill Fanning says, “For retirees a big concern about resort living is access to top medical facilities. Spokane has the biggest medical center between Minneapolis and Seattle”.

According to Sarah Mitchell, “The natural beauty of our area attracts artists and we do have a strong local art community.  It is like you ‘live in a painting’. We have ‘art walks’ in both Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene where the galleries stay open at night. We have art in public places, too. You may find a statue of a moose or a bicycle rack that resembles a fork and spoon. There is a very cosmopolitan feeling; I find that people in general here are well read and well traveled”.

What Christy & Randy Oetken appreciate the most about living in Coeur d’Alene is this:  “Simplicity of life!  People in our community are ready to help each other. It is simply less stressful to live here”. 

This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra. 

Luxury Real Estate Website Design: 7 Components of an “Authoritative” Website

So much attention has been paid to get website visitors to find you, but what is going to keep them on your site and keep them coming back so you can capture their leads? In marketing luxury real estate online your website should give the visitor a strong level of confidence that you are the expert, the authority in your field.  Visitors should feel like they do not need to look any further once they have discovered your site because they have found the most authoritative website in your marketplace or the niche in which you focus.

"Authoritativeness” is also one of the criteria used by Google in the page ranking system. They simply want to match the user with the expert who can best answer the user’s query.  The more the user is satisfied with the answers the more often they will come back to Google for search, and that means more eyeballs for the ads they sell.

Here are 7 components that comprise a successful authoritative website:

  1. An interactive “brochure” about you or your company that gives an immediate positive first impression.   Your portfolio of sold homes, especially if it is extensive, can quickly establish your authoritativeness.
  2. A strong marketing message in words and graphics that instantly sets you apart from your competition and demonstrates that you are the expert
  3. A  user- friendly self-service environment that is easy to navigate
  4. A window to the lifestyle of your marketplace
  5. Original content, content that no one else has
  6. Content beyond just real estate information that offers compelling reasons to keep coming back to your site, especially for local visitors, those who are not currently in the market to buy or sell. These are your potential referral sources beyond just your immediate sphere of influence
  7.  Remarkable content that sparks word-of-mouth advertising and builds an audience of raving fans.

If market leadership is your quest, building the most authoritative website in your marketplace or niche therein is of paramount importance.  But, website visitors are becoming savvier.  If you do not instantly differentiate yourself or your company from your competition and offer original content that is engaging your chances of capturing the all important lead is reduced significantly.  

 This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra. 

Fabulous Florida

Florida has seemingly endless possibilities with its gentle climate, booming business opportunities, major attractions, and diverse year-round recreational activities; you can be sure that you will always have something to do in the Sunshine State. And whether you’re seeking a spacious family home, a waterfront property, or an intimate and secluded environment, Florida has options that will perfectly suit your taste and lifestyle. Florida’s stretch of beaches, theme parks, golf courses, and many other famous attractions are always available when you want them. If you’re the type who likes to avoid the crowds, the Sunshine State also offers plenty of carefully preserved places to explore, such as its beautiful state parks, estuaries, natural springs, hiking and bike trails, and greenways.

Whether you want to come to Florida to vacation or live, the striking diversity of coastal and inland lifestyle choices will surely impress. 



Located on the southwest coast of Florida, Bonita Springs is considered one of the most beautiful 0laces to live in America. “Some of Bonita Springs’ charm lies in its season-less, sub-tropical climate,” says Barry DeNicola Sr., a proud resident of the city, an established broker, and the owner of Barry DeNicola Realty. This translates to warm weather with cool breezes nearly all year long for its residents.

If you find yourself evading the cold by day and dreaming of ideal climate by night, this area could be a perfect fit. From 20 somethings to business professionals, families to retirees, Bonita Springs has quickly become a destination for many lifestyles because of everything it has to offer.

From a housing standpoint, Barry happily says property sales have increased by 40 percent this year and that his company closed the year with its best figures since 2006. “With the increase in sales, there has been a group in available property,” Barry says. “Now is the best time to come enjoy the perks of Bonita Springs, a city that puts the ‘sunshine’ in the Sunshine State!”


As an equestrian’s utopia, Ocala is well known for its bucolic farms, horse ranches and estates surrounded by Marion Country’s rolling hills. Ocala’s climate celebrates warm weather, clear skies and just enough cold or rainy days to make its residents truly appreciate how beautiful the area really is all year round.

With easy travel to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, residents can take advantage of the coastal recreations that have attracted so many to the Sunshine State. Ocala also offers a number of other popular outdoor activities, such as tail hiking, road and mountain biking, and golf. Of course, it’s the full gamut of equine disciplines that make Ocala a paradise for horse enthusiasts. These activities include polo, thoroughbred racing, jumping, mounted shooting, dressage, carriage riding, and cross-country events.

                Ocala further offers a warm and friendly downtown area with superb restaurants and retail establishments. The city’s diverse, multi-faceted community also boasts fantastic artistic and cultural offerings, such as art galleries, theaters and even a symphony orchestra Ocala’s resident’s can also enjoy a calendar year’s worth of social gatherings, benefits, and a slew of other well-attended events.

Though there are ample reasons to live in Ocala, it’s “the people who really help distinguish this city from any other,” according to local realtor, Joan Pletcher. Joan exclaims that the city’s residents are very friendly and are “always willing to welcome someone new into the neighborhood.” Her advice? Experience Ocala’s intimate, “small town feel” for yourself!


The quaint town of Windermere offers some of the most exclusive, architecturally appealing real estate in all of Central Florida. Windermere is nearly placed amongst the Butler Chain of Lakes, providing an unrivalled view of the natural landscapes. A prime setting is just one of the reasons this town commands some of the most sought-after waterfront properties in all of Florida.

An example of the town’s exquisite lakefront properties would be the Villa Paradiso. “Designed with unprecedented architectural mastery, this waterfront estate celebrates Tuscan architecture and commands panoramic views of the famed Lake Butler,” remarks Carol Ann Hewitt, broker at Oxford Realty, Inc.

Windermere is part of the greater Orlando area, which Carol Ann describes as the “playground” of Florida. The small town is tucked away in the southwest region of Orange Country, with Disney and all of Orlando’s fabulous attractions only 15 minutes away.

Unlike some popular destinations in the Sunshine State, Windermere has achieved a harmonious balance of modern-world amenities and historic charm. Avoiding over-zealous development, the town has preserved its authentic roots, ensuring the town’s quaint character for future generations to come. If you are looking for lush landscapes, waterfront living, and proximity to world-renown family attractions, Windermere is a town not to miss.

Luxury Real Estate Web Design: Information Overload?

You may have heard the phrase, “sticky website” bandied about.   It has to do with the time a website visitor says on your website during a given visit.  The stickier the site the more time they spend there and the more chance you have for capturing their lead which is important if you want to gain or sustain market leadership as a luxury real estate marketing professional. But, is there point where providing too much information is detrimental to your success?

Content rich websites are sticky to the extent they offer compelling information.  But, how much information should you provide? It is possible to overwhelm your visitor with too much content.  The key is to find the best balance for your target market.  Compelling information is important, but compelling them to reach for more by contacting you is even more important. 

Get the idea of feeling satiated after a good meal at a fine restaurant. Any more food beyond that point is an overdose.  Now, get the idea of how you felt when the waiter brought you the dessert menu and offered you a choice of coffee or an after dinner drink.  You were not satiated, yet.  The meal was awesome up to that point and you wanted just a bit more. That is the point you want to achieve in terms of the amount of information on your website.

If you are a Monty Python fan you may have seen the film, “The Meaning of Life”. There is a scene in a French restaurant with an enormous man, Mr. Creosote, who is a glutton. The waiter offers him “one more petit four” and he literally explodes. 

Think of Mr. Creosote, when it comes to de-cluttering your website and finding just the right balance of information that keeps your visitors hungry for more.  That is an important factor to consider for a luxury real estate website, if you want to capture more leads.


  This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra. 

Vail’s Home of Homes

“Only the finest materials were selected for this astonishing 4,000+ square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bath home,” says Tye Stockton, owner/broker with Ascent Sotheby’s International Realty. “No photo or single view can fully describe the splendor of 54 Beaver Dam Road.” This architectural masterpiece in Vail, Colorado, was painstakingly designed by its owners and master architect, Michael Suman, to incorporate luxurious finishes and details inside and out. The property boasts indigenous Colorado Buff stone and copper accents on the façade, Douglas-fir ceilings, a “Telluride Gold” stone-clad fireplace, European ash flooring, and rich cherry-wood walls and custom cabinetry throughout. 

The prestigious residence also features a dramatic outdoor living space, overlooking Gore Creek with panoramic views of the majestic Gore Range in the Rocky Mountains. One of the county’s quintessential mountain resort towns, Vail offers exception skiing and riding, thanks to the average winter snowfall of more than 360 inches annually. The warmer seasons are equally beautiful with average summertime temperatures in the 70s and low 80s and little to no humidity. The fall brings amazing opportunities for watching the leaves change colors with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop.

“With over $1.5 billion in public and private upgrades in Vail in the past six years, we offer the best combination of on-mountain and off-mountain options and amenities,” explains Tye. “A new sit-down option at Mid-Vail Dining Court, Elway’s steak house, Matsuhisha and Sweet Basil, gives residents and visitors a range of fine dining options.

Impressive are the finely crafted details, such as the in-floor lighting beneath the stone entryway, backlit green onyx in the main-level bathroom and “book-matched” lava granite backsplash in the kitchen. “ The rare combination of the home’s in-town location, creek-side setting, spectacular mountain views, outdoor space with fire pit and plunge pool, and some of the best finishes and technology available today,” says Tye, “make this home one of the most coveted addresses in Vail.” 

54 Beaver Dam Road – Vail, Colorado

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Featured Property: Hill Country Magnificence

Near San Antonio, Texas


Rarely does a luxury property become available that you can develop exactly as you wish-without having to start from the ground up. Such is the case for 533 U.S. Highway 87, a ranch near Boerne, Texas. With five dwellings-a main house, a lodge, a guesthouse, a cabin, and a lake house-located on more than 255 acres, this ranch can become whatever you want it to be.

“533 U.S. Highway 87 is everything you could imagine,” says Debra James of KW Luxury International. “The diversity of use is incredible. It could so easily work as a family compound, a corporate or religious retreat, an exclusive high-end hunting lease, a sports camp, or an equestrian property.” 

For anyone who enjoys a vacation getaway, there’s enough space to create a landing strip for airplanes, and four of five dwellings are already full furnished. For the athlete, it’s an absolute dreamland. On the property you’ll find an indoor sports complex, indoor clay and hard surface tennis courts, an indoor basketball court, three outdoor grass tennis courts, indoor and outdoor volleyball courts, two indoor fitness centers, a batting and pitching cage, a putting green, an archery range, and a diving pool. For avid outdoors enthusiasts, 213 acres are high-fenced for exotic game, while a seven-acre lake, fed by active springs, is stocked with bass, catfish, and hybrid perch.

Multiple water wells, with elaborate water conservation and catchment systems, are notable features of the property. “Having this much land with this much live water is a big deal,” Debra says, noting that water development is crucial for a property of this scale.


And if you find yourself wanting a different atmosphere after enjoying the ranch, San Antonio is only 45 minutes away. There you can explore the Riverwalk – the number one tourist attraction in Texas with the finest hotels, renowned restaurants, art galleries and theatre venues, featuring beautiful Moorish and German architecture dating back to the late 18th century.


Luxury Real Estate Personal and Company Branding: Is Your Slogan on Point?

As a luxury real estate marketing professional you can distinguish yourself from the competition with a great slogan.  The slogan is effective when you can distill in a few words the essence of your brand.  How are you distinct from your competition?

In the highly competitive world of auto insurance, there are many slogans.  One company is expressing its unique promise of value using this slogan:  “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.”  Here is Mercury Auto Insurance’s slogan: “It takes more than a good neighbor to save you money!”

State Farm is promising neighborly personal service when you have a claim.  That is nice. Isn’t that what is expected from any insurance company?  Mercury Auto Insurance is saying that they are not just a good neighbor, they also save you money. Being a good neighbor is important, but isn’t it more important to save you money?   

In the smaller competitive world of Farmers’ Markets in Central and Southern California, one of the growers has this slogan, “No baloney just vegetables”. In a venue full of organic vegetables, fruit, etc, this has no validity except for expressing a sense of humor.  

A slogan has to be so compelling that in an instant it can communicate its value.  In women’s shoes Donald Pliner has a slogan which distinguishes his brand from other shoes made in Italy:  “Made in the Mountains of Italy”, which evokes an instant emotional response:  the notion of craftsmanship and attention to detail in a small town rather than in an industrial city such as Milan.

What is great about all the slogans mentioned here is the brevity of their communication.  The key is getting the entire value proposition condensed into just a few words.  That is the art of slogan writing which is what we strive in our strategic branding practice.


   This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra. 

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Purchases Maui Property

Reported by the Wall Street Journal, Aerosmith lead singer and American Idol judge, Steven Tyler, bought an oceanfront home on the exclusive South Maui coast. Makena is also said to have other notable owners from the entertainment world such as Jennifer Aniston, and Clint Eastwood and Oprah, and from the financial luminaries including Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel.

Mr. Tyler's new abode is 2 bedroom / 3.5 bathroom Makena home on 1/4 acre, which was originally offered at $6.495M but sold for $4.8M (one of the best values in Makena real estate). Featuring over 3,000 square feet of interior space boasting a floor-to-ceiling aquarium, the interior is seemlessly paired with 1,400 square feet of covered outdoor living space, showcasing a very distinctive 'Old Hawaii' feel to it reminiscent of Hawaii's rich history. A salt-water pool overlooking the ocean provides the ideal setting for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. It also enjoys a very unique location on a promontory, surrounding the property on 3 sides by the ocean.

For the fortunate few qualified buyers who are interested in enjoying a life of luxury in the ultimate island setting, the Makena and Wailea real estate will offer among the best options in the world.

This blog post was contributed by Alex Cortez, a Realtor with Island Sotheby’s International Realty, specializing in Wailea Luxury Condominiums.

Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Say “Audi-os” to Vampires


One of the best venues to understand the marketing arena is by watching the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl reaches over 90 million viewers, and   the advertisers’ intent is to generate “buzz”, and to firmly establish their position in the marketplace.  As luxury real estate marketing and brand strategy consultants, we pay close attention to how luxury purveyors are differentiating themselves in their arena.

Luxury car makers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and now Audi are competing for eyeballs during the time outs of the most watched football events of the year.  In 2011, Audi clearly wanted to continue establishing itself as the “new” luxury car.  Its message was, “escape the confines of luxury.”  It showed wealthy people imprisoned (prison with gold bars) by their old standards of a chauffeur driven Mercedes and listening to Kenny G.  This commercial translated into measurable post game sales.

This year Audi has turned to vampires. In its commercial, a vampire driving his Audi S7 on his way to join his vampire friends drinking blood cocktails in the woods around a bonfire. As he approaches the grounds, he eliminates all his buddies because of the powerful LED headlights.  These lights are according to Audi the closest to daylight.

Check out the Audi Super Bowl Commercial here:


Here is what Andrew Lipman, communications manager of Audi had to say about this commercial, “Audi’s upcoming spot puts Audi signature LEDs up against the focal point of today’s most ubiquitous pop culture craze: vampires. As the most-viewed television program of the year, the Super Bowl is one of the best platforms to showcase a brand’s creativity and voice. The S7 is the epitome of luxury.”

 As viewed by Ron Schott, senior strategist at Spring Creek Group, Seattle. “I think this latest campaign is definitely a way for Audi to actually get a little closer with the average consumer during Super Bowl time, I really don’t think it portrays Audi as luxurious .”

This commercial is humorous and entertaining.  However, it does not communicate with the luxury consumer whose interest in vampires is minimal, and who is definitely not the average consumer.  Will the luxury buyer buy the epitome of luxury to kill vampires? 

This is a clear case of competing on features rather than differentiating yourself from the competition.  Mercedes already has LED lights around its headlights.  LED lights are not a unique feature, and installing enough of them to mimic daylight is not a differentiator.

As luxury real estate marketing professionals it is important not to depart to stay the course of your position (stay in your niche), and to compete on your fundamental difference (not features) in the marketplace.

   This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra. 



Living on the Water: The Luxury and Enjoyment of Coastal Ownership


For some tropical waterfront homeowners, living by the water affords an endless variety of activities and sights to behold-fishing, boating, bird watching, sailing, kayaking, swimming, and surfing.

For others, coastal living equates to a quiet refuge, a place to escape and connect with nature.



Take a quick 40-mile trip south from Florida, and you’ll reach a 700-island country unlike any other: the Bahamas.

“We have a monopoly on our location to the United States,” says Colin Lightbourn of Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty in the Bahamas. “The Bahamas will always have an appealing location because of its proximity to the United States. You don’t have to go too far from home to reach paradise.”

The Bahamas and its capital, Nassau, has become a popular destination for travelers looking for the ultimate island getaway, but recently, many affluent buyers are looking for more than just travel. They’re investing in the island’s undiscovered rural areas for business and the niche luxury real estate markets were the property values are going up, Colin notes. “An investor recently purchased a private island for $100 million. It’s an indication that luxury real estate in the Bahamas is still in high demand, despite what’s going on with the worldwide economy.”

In addition, the Bahamian government has done heavy investing to improve the Bahamas, like putting $400 million into Lynden Pindling International Airport, the largest airport of the island, to create a new terminal. The government has also passed multiple legislative acts, including the Hotels Encouragement Act, which gives tax and development incentives to those who decide to build or restore hotels, like buyers from Europe, South America and Canada who have been purchasing boutique hotels throughout the island. And those who do invest can enjoy a tax friendly environment. The Bahamas doesn’t levy taxes on capital gains, corporate earnings, personal income, sales, inheritance or dividends, making it an ideal location to start a business.

But of all the pros of moving to the Bahamas, Colin believes the quality of life is what makes living in the Bahamas so ideal. “If someone wants a beautiful home with a great location and friendly neighbors, the Bahamas is the place to live.”





Naples has its own downtown municipal airport for private jets, which simplifies travel in and out of the city. Bill Earls of John R. Wood Realtors describes neighborhoods such as Port Royal, with entitlements like the world-class yacht basin and beach club which boast extensive docks and luxurious ships along Naples trend setting coast. The quaint, 1920s charm of Old Naples boasts exquisite shopping, dining and art galleries. Everywhere activity flourishes in this low-density, well-designed community.

                It’s no wonder that Naples is a top retirement choice for many captains of industry. With its eclectic mix of beautiful homes-ranging from custom compounds to Mediterranean, French and British Colonial styles-Naples offers one of the most desirable locations in Florida to purchase luxury real estate.






With its beautiful setting, cultural attractions and 300 miles of winding intracoastal waterways, Fort Lauderdale has earned the reputation as the “Venice of America” The south Florida city, acclaimed for its Mediterranean-inspired architecture, clean white beaches and sophistication, has drawn savvy international and domestic investors who appreciate the city as a haven for enjoying friends and family.

Boasting weather in the upper ‘70s to low ‘80s from November to April, Fort Lauderdale is one of the world’s yachting capitals, perfect for fishing and enjoying water sports on the Atlantic Ocean. Fort Lauderdale’s residents also enjoy the convenience of nearby executive and commercial airports, as well as easy access to the Broward Performing Arts center, the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum, and a wealth of fine dining and shopping. Luxury homes within the city often boast distinctive features, such as outdoor summer kitchens and open-air living areas to grace beautiful, custom resort-style pool areas which take full advantage of Fort Lauderdale’s balmy, tropical climate.

As Julie Jones, Associate Broker at Premier Estate Properties, explains, “Fort Lauderdale is truly a stunning city, with the waterways and beaches. It is clean and safe, constantly improving and are-inventing itself even during these recessionary times.” She adds, “just visit and see the mega yachts behind the waterfront mansions, and you can be assured that this is a great place to live!”



South Beach, Miami is best described as having something for everyone, no matter their age or interests. Known to the locals as SoBe, it is located at the southernmost tip of the main barrier island in the beautiful sunshine state, Florida. Whether you’re looking for tranquility, spectacular beaches, or just some excitement, South Beach is the perfect place for you. One of the best aspects of South Beach is that everything you would possibly want is close at hand.

Living in South Beach is like having your own personal looking glass into the different cultures and diverse people of the area. There are multiple emerging districts developing at a rapid pace, yet this changing landscape only adds to the multi-faceted appeal of South Beach, Diane Lieberman of South Beach Investment Realty says, “This is a world-class sophisticated neighborhood and is one of the most exciting places in the world.”

In addition to its famous beaches, South Beach offers exceptional dining, beautiful architecture, an exciting and energetic nightclub scene, relaxing spas, and many fashionable boutiques. It’s also home to the highly acclaimed New World Symphony. Diane adds, “South Beach is a fun place to live and work, and it seems that it just keeps getting better and better!”