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If you want the most supercar for the money, this is the sports car is for you. You won't find another car that rips 0-60 as fast or runs 1/4 mile passes all day long. Using the age-old trick of limiting production to keep the pre-owned market thriving for with all Nissan GTR for sale. Our dealers are able to sell older versions for very close to the original sticker price. Because it's only sold left-hand drive in the US and a few other markets, Exportation is another way the halo car stays on top of the supercar world. For the GTR Black Edition, the ultimate in weight savings, engineers turned uses RAYS® forged wheels along with carbon fiber body panels for a reduction of 38 lbs. Heated Recaro seats are exclusive to the package, as is a rear spoiler of dry carbon fiber.


As the flagship for their brand, the GTR R35 is the successor to one of the most legendary Japanese used cars of all time. Since 1957 it has been a force to be reckoned with on the street, but it was not sold in the US for fear of cannibalizing sales of the Z cars. Known as the Skyline GTR R34 around the world, the car had a cult following thanks to being the star of early video games. After being featured in several blockbuster motion pictures, enthusiasts in the US demanded a production version.


The custom Nissan GT-R for sale is an absolute beast. The widebody Nissan GT-R, affectionately nicknamed "Godzilla," is a fantastic piece of kit. The GT-R NISMO for sale is the most expensive Nissan ever, carefully designed with Japanese styling, ingenuity, and precision at its core. Since the GTR's introduction in 2007, just over 13,000 GT-Rs have been sold to customers in the US, maintaining the quality and cachet of European supercars and simultaneously shunning many of those stereotypes.


If the already insane 447 horsepower on the 2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO for sale isn't enough, then the Alpha GT-R for sale will surely satisfy any and all of your performance needs. The AMS GT-R isn’t necessary, nor is it practical. But, the modified GT-R for sale is absolutely stunning and completely.

The GT-R is an amazing vehicle straight from the factory, but it’s also easy to upgrade. AMS kept most of the stock components for the Alpha 12 GT-R and turbocharged the heck out of it. This 1,000 hp Nissan GT-R will crank at 1100 hp and let loose up to 1400 hp if you run it on racing fuel. Prepare to revel in that sweet engine noise when you put her on the track and let her loose on the straits.

The exterior of the built Nissan GT-R for sale, however, remains largely unchanged and impressively unassuming. You’d never guess that this vehicle was capable of casually putting out this level of power or effortlessly climbing to top speeds.

The Liberty Walk GT-R kit changes that. Liberty Walk’s exterior design packages showcase just a hint of the raw, menacing power that lies beneath the surface. Aggressively styled exterior components from the Japanese aftermarket supplier, like flashy rear wings and modified bonnet hoods, complement the car's carbon-fiber accents and truly make it a showstopper.


The Japanese carmaker might have underestimated the car’s appeal in the US, and as such, they have increased the MSRP each year. A 2008 base model could be had for $69,850 and a similarly equipped 2016 example tips the scales at over $101,000. Due to the car’s rarity and abilities, depreciation doesn’t play a significant hand in resale values. A-Spec V package was introduced in 2009. It featured more aggressive styling with no change in power. Engineers were turned loose on the powertrain for 2015, unleashing the Nismo edition in the US. Power was increased to 591 hp and 481 lb-ft of torque. Look for a used Nissan GTR for sale with low miles and in stock form. It's awesome to have 700+ horsepower but the reliability goes down and the maintenance goes up.


Because the US has such stringent motor vehicle safety laws, an American version would be on hold until the 2007 redesign. A concept was shown at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, but designers locked heads with engineering over how and what the car should be. Initially, the plan was to modify an existing platform for increased power and all-wheel drive, but these efforts were in vain. A new chassis was built and dedicated in order to show the world what they are capable of.


A modded Nissan GTR for sale is a rarity these days and extreme pride is shown with traditional craftsmanship. Each car is built from the ground up by hand, in several clean rooms at their Kaminokawa assembly plant. From a hand-welded chassis to a hand-assembled engine, each car is a testament to the dedication of the workers.


If you need all-wheel drive and only two seats, It is for you. Powered by a 3.8L twin-turbo V6, the driveline configuration is what makes the car so potent. A six-speed Borg-Warner dual-clutch automatic transmission is mounted at the rear of the car. It is connected to the engine by a torque tube and sends power to the front axle through a smaller diameter second drive shaft. This unique design allows for 2 to 50% of torque to be sent forward in response to changing traction conditions. GODZILLA sits on a 109.4” wheelbase and weighs in around 3,840 lbs depending on options. It is capable of reaching 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds given proper tires and has been offered in several trim levels since launch.


Several aspects have a hand in the pricing of the twin-turbo monster. Due to the abilities of the car, a rigorous maintenance schedule must be adhered to. An update has been issued for the transmission and engine control systems that should be performed before purchase. In order to make sure your money is well spent, we recommend having the car inspected by a mechanic prior to purchase. In summary, if you need all-wheel drive and the ability to launch harder than almost any other car ever built, this is an efficient and well-engineered masterpiece.


Look for the 2017 GTR to disappear from dealer showrooms as fast as they arrive. You can count on the new sports car to be in high demand and be ready to pay a premium over MSRP, especially for fully optioned cars.


Just when you thought GODZILLA couldn’t get any better, the Japanese car builder raises it to a whole new level through some subtle modifications. A boost in…err…boost pressure and new exhaust and intake tubing plus some other modifications raise output by 45 hp and 14 lb-ft to 530 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque. With its launch control issues reconciled, the sports car can muster 0-to-60-mph sprints in 3.0 seconds flat and will top out at 196 mph. Aerodynamics have also been tweaked resulting in a coefficient of drag of 0.26, down from 0.27, with a 10 percent increase in downforce. These changes help raise fuel economy by one mpg in the city and two mpg on the highway. For 2012, a special Black Edition car is also available.


One thing the Japanese car builder hasn’t done is allow its high-performance model to sit back on its haunches. Just when you think it’s gotten as fast as fast can get, another year passes, and it undergoes another round of small updates that prove it has yet to reach its limits. Forgiving the launch control system’s transmission-preserving r.p.m. reduction in 2010, it’s always better to wait for the next model year. For instance, horsepower has crept from 480 in 2009 up to today’s 545. Of course, there is a price to be paid for these improvements, literally, as the base sticker has inched from $78,000 to $99,000. While that’s sticker shock for some, Nissan is betting that others will be willing to pay more for a little more and a little less. Limited to just 150 units, the Track Edition doesn’t get a dose of horsepower, but it does away with the back seat and adds a stiffer suspension, grippier seats, and additional brake cooling. Best of all, it won’t get better next year.


What makes a new GT-R Track Edition a Track Edition? For starters, the interior is now in a sporty red and black configuration with standard Recaro front bucket seats. Going deeper, the Track Edition’s body has additional adhesive bonding for increased body shell rigidity. There is also four-wheel independent suspension with NISMO tuning, NISMOspec tires, NISMO front fenders, 20-inch NISMO wheels, and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. It seems like this model is essentially a NISMO-lite. As for the GT-R Track Edition’s power, Nissan has kept the turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine at 565 horsepower and 467 lb-ft of torque, just like the GT-R Premium.

2019 Nissan GT-R NISMO


Preparing for retirement with an all-new hybrid version in the works, the current rendition of the GT-R Nismo for sale has not seen much of an upgrade since 2015—that is, until now. The Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 has undergone a plethora of enhancements for the 2019 model. From the inside-out, very few aspects of the NISMO were left untouched. Already a favorite on the track, this version of the NISMO is street-legal without sacrificing much in the way of performance or speed. Alterations like a new aerodynamic exterior package, re-designed suspension, improved brakes, and an alternate transmission all aim to boost the performance of the previous NISMO model. Other aspects, such as the stripped-down cabin, carbon fiber construction materials and better weight distribution also support this notion. Entering the cockpit, the stripped-down space still supports a comfortable driving experience. Equipped with premium materials like Alcantara, leather, ergonomic seats, bright red accents and top of the line technology certainly does not give the impression that the interior is, in fact, a stripped-down version. Meanwhile, the 3.8-liter turbocharged V6 engine was repositioned and mounted further back. Still, the engine generates 600 horsepower and 481 lb-ft of torque. With its lightweight composition, this, in fact, a stripped-down version. enables the engine to thrust the NISMO up to 60 MPH from a complete stop, in only 3.5 seconds. The maximum speed of 186 MPH may be the most thrilling aspect of the redesigned GTR NISMO for sale.


The latest masterpiece from Nissan, the 2020 Nissan GTR is available in three different configurations: premium, track edition, and NISMO. Prices for the base premium configuration start at $113,540 with prices climbing up to $210,740 for the NISMO variant. Each one draws its power from a turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine with the horsepower production ranging between 565 for the premium and 600 for the NISMO. The level of twist also falls between 467 pound-foot and 481 pound-foot, depending on the specific configuration of the custom Nissan GTR for sale. Power is distributed by a six-speed dual-clutch transmission and backed up with all-wheel drive as a standard. Top speed is impressive standing at 186 miles per hour, but the acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour is even more mind-boggling at 2.9 seconds. While speed and power are a given, the instantly iconic new GTRs is in a class of its own when it comes to handling. It features an updated suspension that presents better cornering stability and leads to an overall smoother ride. The steering system also received an upgrade allowing the GTR to be more precise in response to handling and requiring less correction, even at its maximum speed. These upgrades are paired with a new aerodynamic layout, lighter wheels and a lighter weight due to the inclusion of carbon fiber exterior pieces, which make all the difference in performance. The Nissan/Brembo braking system is equally responsive, allowing the Nissan GTR to stop at the drop of a dime. Inside, there is room for four passengers with upgraded seats, though little else about the interior has changed since the previous generation was launched.