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West Palm Beach, FL

Braman Motorcars Palm Beach

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Many believe the current Rivian R1S for sale is the next stage in electric vehicle (EV) innovation, and its immaculate blend of luxurious comfort, ferocious off-road capability, and near-silent, emission-free power is very exciting. The Rivian R1S for sale is a much-hyped electric SUV from a hardcore electric vehicle (EV) start-up company called Rivian.

Precisely because it’s an electric SUV, built from the ground up, not as an afterthought to an existing vehicle, the R1S is capable of defying expectations. So, while the exterior is uncompromisingly modern, there’s grit underneath the polish. The space is dominated by Rivian’s distinctive skateboard platform, which houses the batteries below and leaves plenty of room for 4.85 in of ground clearance. The R1S also features four separate electric motors, one at each wheel, allowing for full torque vectoring between all three axles. It’s this combination that enables the R1S to accelerate while distributing power exactly where it’s needed, be that straight ahead over soft sand, around curves on a rocky slope, or through well-earned mud puddles.

Its contemporary, luxe, and innovative interior complements the exterior and is tailor-made for families or adventurers, with room to seat up to seven passengers in comfort. As you would expect from a brand with sustainability in its DNA, Rivian’s signature eco-friendly materials are thoughtfully used throughout the R1S’s interior, without compromising on appointments or aesthetics. Showcasing the company’s design sophistication, many of its innovations are exclusive to Rivian. A panoramic glass roof provides passengers with expansive views of the sky while offering protection from the elements. And the vehicle boasts intuitive digital displays that keep drivers and passengers connected and in control.

For those wishing to buy a future, the Rivian R1S offers a drive to remember. Whether cruising city streets or road-tripping off the beaten path, the R1S delivers a drive like no other, with a range that stretches practically anywhere for miles on its single charge. Meanwhile, quick charge times keep layovers short and vacation days long.

This SUV is big and bold, and more than a car. It is a mission statement that showcases exactly the kind of future we’re building for—a future that's electric and better than ever. When you see an R1S for sale, it’s not just some run-of-the-mill luxury electric SUV. It’s an investment in a better, cleaner, more exhilarating future for vehicles.

And as Rivian expands its charging network and dealer footprint, cars like the R1S appear as role models to other manufacturers: get with the program, electric vehicle incumbents, because this car demonstrates smartly how it can and should be done. Maybe they (other manufacturers) will rise to the challenge, and maybe they won’t. Even if they don’t, that doesn’t stop us—the consumers—from getting what we want. We want electric cars. We also want luxury. We also want to know that our cars are doing all they can for the planet. The Rivian R1S for sale does all of that. It’s here, ready to disrupt the auto industry, and ready to drive us into the electronic 21st-century future.

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