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Back when the Hellcat was in development, the engineers decided to see how far they could reliably push their 6.2-liter HEMI V8. The result is 840 horsepower and 770 lb-ft of torque. It is made possible by a 2.7-liter supercharger and race fuel. Racing fuel can only be utilized if you purchase the optional Demon Crate. It costs $1, in addition to the $84,995 base price when you want to buy a 2018-2019 Dodge Demon for sale.

Inside the crate is a programmer that enables the race fuel sensor. Also in the crate is a floor jack, torque wrench, tire pressure gauge, cordless impact wrench, and skinny front wheels. Other unique parts are a passenger-side mirror delete plate, because who needs a car with two mirrors? Almost all the parts will be engraved with your name along with the car’s VIN, so it is easy to justify the low price.

Other options you can purchase for a dollar are a passenger seat, rear seats, and trunk carpet. Your grand total will be $85,000 for the first production car to be banned by the NHRA. Any car that runs 9.99 or faster must have a roll cage to race so the NHRA will not allow the custom Dodge Challenger Demon for sale to race in stock form. Weight savings by deleting the unnecessary parts is how the SRT Demon cut 200 lbs from the Challenger Hellcat.

Under the hood, the changes are even more drastic. The engine block was redesigned to send 50% more oil to the piston squirters. These tiny nozzles spray oil at the bottom of the pistons to keep them cool under pressure. Every moving part is made from a tougher alloy than the Hellcat, which results in 65% new components. The connecting rods are much thicker around the wrist pins and the block is honed with a torque plate, just another trick that master engine builders have done for years.

This all adds up to an expensive exercise, but Dodge is capping production at 3,300 cars. No matter how bad you might want one, only 3,000 will be built for the US and 300 for our friends north of the border. Our dealers are ready to help you find your new or used Dodge Demon.