Marketing Luxury Real Estate: The Difference Between Marketing and Selling

In marketing luxury real estate, many agents and brokers often fall into the trap of selling instead of marketing. Marketing is matchmaking. It requires concisely communicating the essence of your distinct promise of value to your ideal target market as you address their most pressing needs.  If your communication is clear your ideal prospects should instantly recognize that you, not your competition, are the right match. 

Selling is trying to convince those prospects that are not really a match to you that they should work with you or buy from you anyway.  The need to sell comes from the false notion that there is a scarcity of ideal clients out there. But, the truth is that the time you waste trying to win over non-ideal clients and slogging your way through difficult transactions distracts you from opportunities to meet and work with perfect matches, 

As discouragement and feelings of powerlessness set in, you begin to lower your standards and expectations.  You find yourself on the “chain of pain” attracting more non-ideal clients and more problematic transactions. 

What is important to keep in mind is that people like to do business with people like themselves. Your ideal client is looking for you just as much as you are looking for them. And, they hang out with others who are like-minded. It is only natural for them to refer you to their friends.  It gives them personal satisfaction and also social currency to facilitate a successful referral.  When this occurs you find yourself on the “chain of gain” instead of the chain of pain. 

Marketing done right is effortless because you are achieving an alignment of self-interests yours and your ideal client’s. Selling may give you the immediate gratification of momentary wins, but it will burn you out in the long run. 

The most successful luxury real estate agents and brokers are passionate marketing professionals not selling professionals. When you sell a home, the sale itself is the very last thing that occurs in the process of meeting the needs of your ideal clients.  There is actually one more step.  And, that is getting paid for doing something that you love to do.

This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra.

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Premier Estate Properties

Living where others vacation is the pleasant reality that Premier Estate Properties associate Julie Jones has grown accustomed to. After sixteen years in the Fort Lauderdale real estate market, Jones could not be happier with the vibrant, oceanfront city she calls home.

Part of the allure of Fort Lauderdale is its prime location. With Miami, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale airports all at a traveler’s disposal, reaching a hotel or ocean side beach house will become a much simpler task.

“You can fly into an airport and be poolside within an hour of arriving,” says Jones. “With so many vacation destinations, you arrive, and then you have a two-hour drive.”

Of course, a trip to Fort Lauderdale would not be complete without a stop at the beach. Pristine white sands meet lazy waves, and form the perfect backdrop for a quintessential Florida Beach home.

 Premier Properties presents to you three unique properties that are each remarkable in their own right. Oriana-by-the-Sea invokes the feel of a Mediterranean villa, placed in an intimate enclave of 34 residences. The 3,300 square feet duplex is within walking distance to resorts, restaurants, and shops; but with an oceanfront courtyard pool, modern fitness center, and ocean views from your living room, you may never want to leave.

If you are looking for a larger residence, look no further than the Pelican Isle Deepwater Estate. The custom-built home spans over 7,000 square feet, and is situated on the Rio Toledo Canal, ideal boating enthusiasts. The stately design of the British Colonial home is elegantly flanked by tropical gardens and lush palm trees, and features an indoor outdoor living area complete with a lagoon-style saltwater pool.

For those who want the ultimate in luxury, Harbor Beach Deepwater Estate will not disappoint. The seven-bedroom home is nestled on the sandy shores of a wide ocean access bay, guaranteeing Technicolor sunsets and panoramic views. Open rooms and Island-inspired design make this home a great option for entertainment.

Sunshine, sand, and an abundance of city-style amenities, Fort Lauderdale has made a name for itself as a sophisticated boater’s paradise in the South of Florida. With its temperate climate and relaxing pace, living in this oceanfront gem may inspire you to live like it’s a vacation everyday.

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Vignon Manor


Vignon Manor, originally owned by the Silver family, is a $9.8 MM spectacular, equine property resting on 160 rolling acres. The Silver houses (for Jeremiah, Silas, William and John) were built over the early and mid-19th century and centered on the John A. Silver House, “Vignon” which could be seen from Lebanon to the north.  The original Vignon dwelling was burned in 1902. 

Upon entering the Vignon’s winding drive, you’ll see panoramic, breathtaking views of pristine pastures.  The location of this picturesque farm makes it an idyllic setting to breed, break and train horses.

Positioned in Harford County, Maryland, Vignon Manor is strategically placed in Havre De Grace.  Known for horse-racing, Havre de Grace's own Racetrack operated from 1912-1950.  The Havre de Grace Racetrack was an American horse racing track on Post Road in Havre de Grace, Harford County, Mary land which operated from August 24, 1912 to 1950. Nicknamed "The Graw," for a time it was owned by the Harford Agricultural and Breeders Association and also by the notorious gambler, Arnold Rothstein.

On September 29, 1920, the great Mano’ War won the Potomac Handicap at Havre de Grace. His son, U.S. Triple Crown winner, War Admiral, won his first race here on April 25, 1936. The Havre de Grace Handicap was one of the important races in the American northeast for many years whose winners include U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductees Roamer, Crusader, Seabiscuit, Sun Beau, Equipoise, and Challedon. At the end of the 1950s, the state removed the horse track and its race and betting rights were purchased by Pimlico.

Today, Vignon lies approximately 5 miles East of I-95 and offers a short 45 mile drive south to Pimlico Race Course, which today is Baltimore's premier destination for horse racing, and home of Preakness Stakes.  While heading north on I-95, approximately 37 miles away, you will find Delaware Park Thoroughbred Race Track in Newark, DE.  For those who need quicker access, the Harford County Airport is a mere 3.84 miles away at 3538 Aldino Rd, in Churchville, MD. 

Situated less than 5 miles to the downtown historical area of Havre De Grace, which is located at the mouth of the Susquehanna River and the head of the Chesapeake Bay, this stunning property is advantageously placed providing access to many superb restaurants and retailers, interesting antique and specialty shops, and multiple waterfront activities. Marinas and service operators dot the shore line.  

Havre de Grace is teeming with history beginning with its role in the war of 1812 to the local growth of decoy carving.  The City currently enjoys popular recreation and tourism stops such as the Concord Point Lighthouse, the Maritime Museum and the waterfront promenade for a 1/2 mile boardwalk to the City Yacht Basin and Tydings Park for a breathtaking view of the Chesapeake Bay.   

Present day improvements on the equine property include an indoor track with a two-story observation area.   The judging review area is located on the first floor, behind climate controlled glass, and a small living quarter is located on the second level.  In addition, the current improvements boast a heated 36-stall barn with six washing stalls, a lunch room, a tack room, medicine room, multiple storage areas and two bathrooms.  Two outdoor riding rings and large tracks of vinyl clad white fences surrounding the pastures, a tenant house, and outbuildings for large equipment storage add to the options.  

In addition to all of this, there is the potential for 14 one-acre housing parcels located on the farm.  These parcels can be utilized for management and staff to guarantee 24-hour care to your horses and grounds, or if you desire, or these parcels can be sold to individual buyers.  The wooded southeast property line of this beautiful farm backs to Susquehanna State Park and conversation land. Assisting with the tranquil setting, the area's many rivers, creeks and waterways make for a beautiful natural setting. This property is truly for someone who genuinely lives the equestrian lifestyle.  So, if you are looking to position yourself to train the next “Seabiscuit” or house your Dressage, this could be your suitable property.


Call Mary Ellen Volpa for your guided tour.

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Luxury Real Estate Website Design: Capturing Attention Leads to Leads

With all the time and expense that goes into driving quality traffic to your website, you better make sure your first- time web visitors instantly have a great first impression when they get there. Successful luxury real estate website design instantly captures attention. Original quality content holds their attention, which increases your chances of actually capturing their lead.  

Capturing attention leads to leads. This fundamental  is universal. Here is an example of how this plays out in purchasing wine without first getting a recommendation.  Recently, we were attracted to a bottle of wine (out of hundreds on the selves in the store).  The label simply was a question mark (?).  There was no name or description on the front of the bottle. 

The label instantly attracted our attention and the original story about it prompted us to buy it.  It was a fluke at the winery.  They combined two wines by mistake, admitted it and this was the very pleasant result.  (see our previous post about (?)

Had we not been attracted to the label we most likely would never have heard about the winery, Oreana.  The wine was very reasonably priced and delicious.  The way they handled this error with complete transparency commanded our respect and made a very strong first impression.  It also prompted us to later explore the Oreana Pinot Noir on a subsequent visit to the store. 

Oreana’s (?) label captured our attention.  Their story was original and compelling. The “content” was terrific.  And, the Pinot, our second Oreana experience exceeded the first.  Now, we are raving fans! 

This is exactly what you are trying to achieve with your luxury real estate website design and your original website content.   Capturing attention, leads to leads.  Does your site achieve this?

This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra.

50 Monarch Bay

Newly designed by renowned architect Brion Jeannette, this beautiful SoCal home, located 50 Monarch Bay, is one of the most magnificent in Dana Point, Cali.
            This 5-bedroom, 5200-square-foot home has all of the modern conveniences a person could desire, without sacrificing design elements. The home has a giant, walk-in , refrigerated wine room, a full guest suite downstairs with its own access, a full sound system that can be controlled form any room, and a fabulous bonus room with built-in teak storage cabinets. Construction materials for the home were imported from around the world, such as the Brazillian jadestone, walnut and teak. The combination of these stunning wood and stone materials and clean-lined design emphasize the home’s warm and contemporary feel.
            In addition to beautifully imported materials and incredible architectural design, the home has spectacular views from every room. The entire front wall of the home opens out to the view of the ocean. Imagine waking up every day, sipping coffee or tea, and watching the waves splash the shore.
            As a resident of this home, you would be available to one of the most amazing, professionally managed private beach clubs on the West Coast, with a highly rated restaurant and beach service. Living so close to the beach provides residents with an incomparable resort living lifestyle, filled with surf, sand, sun and gourmet dining. Within this gated Monarch Bay community, you can indulge in sailing, surfing, community tennis, and paddle boarding, as well as immerse yourself in the amazing restaurants and art festivals in the area.
            “This gorgeous, newly constructed,  property is ideal for a family or someone who enjoys entertaining, outdoor recreational activities and engaging themselves in the Southern California, Dana Point community,” says Lee Ann Canaday of The Canaday Group. This one-of-kind home is for the person who appreciates modern architecture, fine materials, gorgeous views and fantastic amenities.

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Luxury Real Estate Marketing: Revisiting the Definition of Luxury


Through our journey in writing the Language of Luxury for luxury real estate marketing professionals we have, from time to time, revisited the definition of luxury itself.  The more we study this subject and write about it the more we conclude that luxury is one of the most misunderstood words in the English language. It is not just for the super rich! Sometimes the best things in life really are free. 

Luxury does not necessarily mean expensive things. We have said that true luxury can be as simple as a great belly laugh (hence LOL) or taking the time to do personal things that you have not made time for due to other pressing matters.  You can have tons of money, but if you cannot enjoy it, is it a luxury? 

This year we were introduced to the Kahn Academy, a revolutionary free educational website where you can learn many subjects including mathematics from basic addition to calculus via free video tutorials.  Bill Gates has his kids studying math here. You may have heard about this on 60 Minutes. 

Over 1 million students worldwide are on the site. Schools across the country are using this study method to free up teachers to become “study coaches”.  With this method traditional classrooms are transformed into labs where students progress at their own pace, become more independent and self-taught.  It is simply brilliant! 

With a passion for education, I (Ron here) decided to refresh my math skills and experience this revolutionary learning method first hand. I started at the very beginning (literally addition and subtraction). Now, I am working my way though Algebra with the goal to go all the way through Calculus, a subject I did not take in high school or college. 

As luxury real estate brand strategist, market leaders, or their challengers, hire Alexandra and me to help them capture or secure the lion’s share of their marketplace.  This requires creative problem solving skills to help our clients out-smart not out-spend their competition.  

Studying mathematics again has definitely helped to sharpen these skills. But, it has also been a pure luxury to learn just for the joy of learning.  It was this quote by Galileo that inspired me to “go back to school”. 

“Philosophy is written in that great book that ever lies before our eyes—I mean the universe—but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols in which it is written.  This book is written in the mathematical language…without which one wanders in vain through a dark labyrinth”   --Galileo

Galileo’s quote also resonated with what we have been sharing with our LOL audience: 

 To be successful as a luxury real estate marketing professional and continuously expand your referral base of high net-worth individuals, you must learn to speak their language, the Language of Luxury.  You will continue to appreciate in value, as a professional, if you do so.

This blog post was provided by Supreme Auctions. Supreme Auctions leads the auction industry with the most current systems, resources and experience to make sure your real estate auction experience is an exceptional one.

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Posted on: 9/27/2012 at 10:12 AM
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Luxury Net Zero Homes: Green Living Tips For The Ultra Rich

When it comes to a luxury home, it is possible to enjoy all of the trappings of elegant living, while also keeping one’s house eco-friendly for the ultimate net zero home.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can make your home more sustainable.  It is possible to achieve this goal without giving up any of the lifestyle perks that you are accustomed to!

1. Selecting Natural Materials

While many people might initially think of something out of a rural Little House on the Prairie setting when they first hear the words “log home,” the truth is that those interested in luxury properties are finding green eco friendly log homes meet and surpass their needs.  While they can enjoy all of the perks of a luxury home, they simultaneously know that they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint.  Selecting old growth timber for floors, frames and beams can give a home a depth and classic beauty.  Oftentimes homes are even built right into rock formations, which can provide amazing insulation properties. 

2.  Selecting Eco-Friendly Products

No matter how much money you may have in the bank, it doesn’t make sense to pay the high costs that are associated with running a second or third home.  Non-toxic spray insulation and high quality polyester batts can achieve tightness and prevent air leakage.  Select washing machines, dishwasher and toilets models that reduce water consumption, LED lighting and low energy appliances.  All of these eco-friendly changes will work together to dramatically reduce your home’s bills.

3.  Integrate Your Home into a Natural Setting

One of the best states to build or buy an eco-friendly home is Colorado, which provides some of the best natural scenery in the country.  Whether you choose Winter Park, Vail, Aspen or Beaver Creek, you will be close to world class attractions like skiing, snowshoeing and hiking.   Many people don’t realize that these areas are quite sunny year-round.  When a home is positioned towards the sun, you have the further advantage of making use of solar energy.

For example, offered to the market for the first time is the Eco Home at 119 Elk Meadows in Tabernash, which neighbors the resort town of Winter Park Colorado, one of the country’s top ski resorts. The home is selling at Luxury Absolute Auction – with No Reserve, October 25, 2012 by Supreme Auctions. Due to all the eco-features in this home, the operating costs are a fraction of what they would be.  This remarkable property offers four huge master suites, a gourmet kitchen and massive dining room and great rooms that can fit 200 people for soirees.  Plus, this home includes a $1 million+ custom entertainment cave.

Even though the Eco Home is nearly 15,000 square feet, its utilities are just $450 per month due to all of its eco-friendly features and capacity to be a net zero home. If you follow the proper guidelines in setting up a property that works in harmony with its natural surroundings, you can achieve similar cost savings.  This is the ideal way to enjoy the good life, while benefitting our planet at the same time. As for the stunning property on Elk Meadows, near Winter Park, the area inspires visitors from around the world and rewards those lucky enough to call this home. Check out the property auction page and see for yourself.

This blog post was provided by Supreme Auctions. Supreme Auctions leads the auction industry with the most current systems, resources and experience to make sure your real estate auction experience is an exceptional one.

Luxurious Winter Park Eco Home For Sale At No Reserve Live Absolute Auction 10/25

This stunning and luxury-packed 15,000 square foot custom eco home just outside of Winter Park, CO – one of the world’s premier ski resort towns, known for its quiet, family-centric and culture-rich lifestyle – is selling via a Luxury Real Estate Auction with No Reserve on October 25th courtesy of Supreme Auctions of Keller Williams Realty International and brokered by Paul Smith of VailSmith Properties.

While it’s difficult to break away from its breathtaking views of the Continental Divide, custom art collection, 6 bedrooms and 7 baths, and its custom $1 million hometheater, much less its gourmet kitchen, entertaining area able to accommodate up to 200 guests, 4 unique master suites, heated garage – this remarkable home on 119 Elk Meadows in Tabernash (Grand County) was not only built with a quality rivaling that of the so-called golden age of the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers, it’s also decidedly modern. In fact, thanks to its green and sustainable design features, including miles of in-floor radiant heat, R42 & R52 SIP panels, triple redundancy heating system with geothermal, natural gas and solar photoviltaic, triple glazed argon filled windows and more, it only costs an average of $10,000 per year to heat and cool the property. Compare that to the average costs to heat a non-eco home of this size – which would run somewhere to the tune of $12,000 per month.

Because of its privacy and views, technology and style, access to limitless recreation and entertainment, space and substance – altogether 119 Elk Meadows near Winter Park is the real estate opportunity of a lifetime for the lucky winner of the upcoming No Reserve Absolute Auction on October 25th.

Offered to the market for the first time by the original owner, this incredible property will be available for viewing prior to auction commencing September 29th from 12 noon – 4pm. For more information on how to schedule a viewing or become eligible to bid at auction on October 25th, see Terms and Conditions on the Property Auction page. For more information visit or call 866-929-2243.

This blog post was provided by Supreme Auctions. Supreme Auctions leads the auction industry with the most current systems, resources and experience to make sure your real estate auction experience is an exceptional one.

Luxury Real Estate Personal & Company Branding: The High Cost of Misjudging Your Target Market – Part 2


This issue of accurately assessing your target market and communicating with your ideal clients on their wavelength is crucial to your success as a luxury real estate marketing professional. In Part 1 of this article series, we wrote about Louis Vuitton and Ruth Chris closing their doors in Santa Barbara because they misjudged their target market, which cost them both dearly.

In nearby Thousand Oaks, known for its strong community and excellent school system, an “Asian fusion” restaurant opened after an extensive, long term and very expensive build-out in an upscale shopping center there.  Located directly across from the family-friendly and extremely popular Cheesecake Factory (over 160 restaurants in the chain) it closed within one year.

Again, the demographics of Thousand Oaks supported the potential success of this restaurant.  But, they completely missed their psychographic target.  The décor was dark and uninviting. The menu was a mélange of Asian cuisines, which works at their other locations in Los Angeles but not here. The name of the restaurant, Buddha’s Belly, did not help its cause.

Ironically, in the high-end shopping center of Century City, which is adjacent to Beverly Hills, the  owner of the Cheesecake Factory opened an Asian fusion restaurant, Rock Sugar, with  a magnificent, inviting décor replete with beautiful and exotic Asian furniture and water features. You feel transported to the Far East the moment you approach the front door.

This restaurant is thriving because it hit its mark both in demographics and in psychographics.  The shopping center is surrounded by office buildings and is particularly suited for power lunches.  The food is fabulous.  It is a great date restaurant that is also perfect for special family gatherings.

Take the time to carefully understand both the demographics and the psychographics of your target market.  Doing so can save you a considerable amount of time and money!

This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra.

6510 Manasota Key

 Impressive piece of property with rights to build dock on Intra-Coastal, private beach and a stunning  lot.

This property is perfect for a new home that demands panoramic sunset views.   Feel free to walk the property.

Pristine vacant lot with 1.08 acres of beautiful oak trees and natural vegetation awaits buyer that seeks a truly special building site.  Approximately 170ft on the gulf with private beach assures wide-open views of the gulf and privacy from adjacent neighbors.  Vacant lot is located in the Coastal Hammocks area of Manasota Key which guarantees beautiful foliage in all directions and benefits native wildlife.  Manasota Key is a huge turtle nesting area and has loads of pre-historic sharks teeth and fossils for the treasure seeking enthusiasts.  This property is a winner for more than one reason:  Linear footage on gulf, wooded lot, ability to build a dock, and in a non-people-polluted area.  Come and take a look!

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Creating the Ultimate Home Theater

A television and a DVD player do not a home theater make. Those components provide the basic functionality, but the ultimate home theater is not built on function alone. A killer home theater fulfills its purpose, creates a distinctive ambiance and does it all in style.

Space and seating

The larger the screen you’re watching, the further away you should sit for a good viewing experience. If you want a 70-, 80- or 90-inch screen in your home theater - and if you’re really trying to build the ultimate home theater, you do - you’ll need no less than seven feet between the screen and the first row of seating. Therefore, don’t start your home theater without a large room. A room that measures 20 feet from end-to-end can comfortably accommodate a 70- to 80-inch screen and three tiers of seating. If you want a larger screen or more seats, you’ll need more square footage.


Once you have professionally built tiers in your home theater, begin shopping for your furnishings. Any comfortable furniture will suffice in a home theater, but quality seating provides the ultimate in comfort and utility. Home theater seats come in multiple designs, but generally sport the same features, like footrests, built-in cup holders, trays and even ambient lighting.


Seats may be the comfort stations of your home theater, but the screen is the focal point. Getting that true movie theater experience requires a screen that displays the kind of large, quality picture you can’t get from a standard television. When it comes to home theater display, you can go one of two ways. The right one for your home theater depends upon your personal preference. Those who really want to capture that movie theater experience may want to skip the TV options and install a projection screen and projector for showcasing movies at home. Those who prefer a television screen or plan to use their home theaters for television watching or gaming as well may find a standard TV and Blu-Ray player provide more use.


Whatever path you go to get a great home theater picture, don’t skimp on the sound. For the ultimate theater sound, go all in with a 7.1 surround sound receiver and pair it with a seven-speaker system. Don’t forget a subwoofer to capture those low tones. Install speakers in the center and at both sides of the screen, in the center of each side of the seating area and equidistant from the center on the back wall. A proper surround sound set-up fills the room with sound, providing that immersive movie theater sound experience.


Once the working components are in place, it’s time to play. A common home theater flourish is the addition of velvet curtains on either side of the movie screen, which provides that typical movie theater look. Also, consider dim track lighting on the sides of seating tiers as a stylistic touch that increases safety in the space. Finish the room with posters or stills from your favorite films to put your own love of movies on display. By incorporating a mix of traditional movie theater decor and personal touches, you add pizzazz to your ultimate home theater.

Setting up a home theater will take a little bit of work, from choosing the right screen and seating to getting the best sound and showing off your style. Don't be afraid to start a little small and work your way up until you have the home theater of your dreams. Treat that big reveal like a Hollywood movie premiere and get ready for your home to be the go-to destination for movie night!

This post was provided by Jessica Stark, Jessica, who blogs for Sears and other prestigious brands, enjoys learning all there is to know about interior design and then writing about it.

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Posted on: 9/25/2012 at 7:19 AM
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Luxury Real Estate Personal & Company Branding: The High Cost of Misjudging Your Target Market – Part 1

When crafting your personal or company brand, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is crucial to accurately access both the demographics and the psycho graphics - the mindset of your target market.  Otherwise your brand can miss the mark and not resonate with your ideal clients. Avoid the high cost of misjudging your target market at all costs!

Year after year Louis Vuitton is recognized as the world’s most valuable luxury brand.  It sells its products through standalone boutiques, lease departments in high-end department stores and also online. The brand itself is valued at over $19 billion, and the company is valued in 2012 at $25.9 billion, according to Bloomberg.

In 2012, Louis Vuitton shuttered its boutique in Santa Barbara. In 2011, in the same upscale shopping center, Ruth Chris, the famous steak house chain with over 130 restaurants, also closed its Santa Barbara doors. What happened?

Certainly, the Santa Barbara demographics can support high-end retail stores and upscale restaurants.  But, are the psycho graphics, the mindset of the target market, a match? In this neighborhood of large estates owned by"old money"  they are not. 

Just a few blocks away Chuck's of Hawaii, thrives. It began serving award-winning steaks and seafood over 45 years ago. The inside is romantically lit and is casually furnished with wood tables anound chairs. A bartender in a Hawaiian shirt serves their famous Mai-Thais as well as a wide variety of local wines. Their dinner menu is still hand painted on bottles of Lancers’ wine.

The décor of Ruth Chris restaurants is considerably more formal than Chuck’s and that is where it miscalculated the Santa Barbara psycho graphic.  Chuck serves free high end hors d’oeuvres during Happy Hour, which packs people in and creates a buzz that, attracts a strong dinner crowd. 

In adjacent Montecito, Lucky’s Steak House also thrives.  This is an intimate, smaller neighborhood restaurant that caters to a higher concentration of the upper demographics, than the general population of Santa Barbara.

Accurately judging both the demographics and the psycho graphics of your target market is like fine-tuning a radio.  If your brand is not right on the money you will get static instead of a clear signal. And, static can be very costly in terms of wasted marketing dollars.

This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra.

The Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains


A gorgeous country estate with a 2-tiered beach nestled on the pristine Smith Mountain Lake is yearning to be plucked up by a home buyer desiring a fun and relaxing lifestyle and looking to make a great investment in a beautiful, economically stable area of Virginia. This 3-level home has five bedrooms and four bathrooms and is offered for under $1 million.

A number of other striking estates are available in the Smith Mountain Lake area. With a reputation of being the “Jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains,” the 23,000-acre lake has over 500 miles of stunning shoreline where residents and visitors can indulge in recreational activities like boating, sailing, rowing and biking. It is the ideal mountain area: cool, but not damp, where winters get cold but not too snowy. For the winter adventure-seeker, ski resorts are a short 2-3 hour drive north into West Virginia.

“Every season is the season here,” says Leslie Becker, Broker for Smith Mountain Lake Properties Inc.  “This is the most unique mountain setting on the entire east coast. We not only have seasonal homes, but we have full-time living here due to all the jobs in Lynchburg and Roanoke.”

Although somewhat of a private and undiscovered area, Smith Mountain Lake is near two major cities with direct connections to metropolitan areas around the United States. Smith Mountain Lake offers the same active lifestyle and is as full of culture as many major cities, but better. Here there are also equestrian and golf centers, including four major signature golf courses, sailing regattas, antiquing, historical sightseeing, frequent art festivals and concerts, and national award winning vineyards.

Make the trek to Smith Mountain Lake. Discover the undiscovered. It is truly a jewel, and the perfect blend of mountain and lakefront living. You’ll jump at the chance to call it home.

For more information visit


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Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tip: Differentiate Yourself with Substance

If you are going to take the trouble to brand yourself as the “go-to” luxury real estate marketing professional in your area, make sure that your marketing message clearly and sharply differentiates you form your competition. Your marketing message must have substance and leave no room for guessing about what you are trying to convey.  That is,  if you want gain more market share.

Your substance is the essential nature that makes you stand out.  It is what we call the DNA of your personal brand. Most importantly, it is that which is inimitable about you in a business context, expressed in such a way that it instantly addresses your target market’s most pressing needs better than your competitor does.  Here are some examples of marketing messages that are devoid in substance and effective brand messaging.

As we were perusing our menu at the Cheesecake Factory, we noticed this Diet Coke ad, which in our opinion says absolutely nothing about how Coke is different from Pepsi or other competitors (see the image above). What is the message here?  Is a bottle of Diet Coke a liquid asset (in financial speak)? Does drinking Coke assure that you will “stay extraordinary”?  We can only guesstimate the huge amount of money that went into this campaign and completely missed its target.

A VW commercial opens with people of all ages laughing, which is always a delight.  It ends with the VW logo and the slogan, “It’s not the miles; it is how you live them.” A great thought, but does it compel you to purchase one of their cars vs. a competing model?  They want you go to a website called,, and read about VW values:  quality, safety, value (for the price), environment and performance.  These values should be every car manufacturer’s values.  It still leaves the question, “Why VW?

A large institution recently purchased one of the local banks in Santa Barbara. Their ads are everywhere in town attempting to promote how they are different. Each ad focuses on a single word that is supposed to communicate this. Here are the words: integrity, friendliness, trustworthiness and teamwork.  Is that not what banks are supposed to have?  Would this campaign get you to switch banks?

Luxury real estate marketing professionals often try to differentiate themselves by touting their integrity or their friendliness.  Isn’t that the price of admission for any professional?  Dig deeper and identify what is substantive about you, and how that can meet the needs of your target market.  That is what branding is all about.

This blog posting has been provided by Ron and Alexandra Seigel, the Language of Luxury Community Founders and managing partners of Napa Consultants, International, the leading luxury real estate strategic marketing firm. They specialize in personal and company branding, luxury real estate website design and social media marketing. Photos courtesy of Ron and Alexandra.

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