Property Details If the Walls Could Speak Westport, Connecticut
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Westport, Connecticut
If the Walls Could Speak
There is a magic one senses when they pass through the front door of this home, formerly part of the Bedford /Vanderbilt estate on the Gold Coast of Westport Connecticut. Presided over by the matriarch, Louise Levin, also lovingly known as "The Queen," the house served as her ever-evolving palette from which to entertain an eclectic troop of artists, diplomats, musicians and hordes of friends dragged home by her twins. It was a true hearth of love, culture and adventure, which can still be felt permeating throughout the property. There is elegance to the simplicity and nature of the place. You can sense the late-night conversations held in the hilltop gazebo during summer nights. You can feel the energy from the canoeing adventures had at the beach next-door and the enjoyment of the outdoor rain shower after a long day on the water. You can smell the herb gardens and honeysuckle from around the pool in the summer and the smoke from the numerous fire places during the winter. But most importantly, for the right people, it will not be hard to imagine how your family would seamlessly make it their own to continue to create stories and memories. When this bohemian chic country estate trades, Jesse Levin, through his initiative Tactivate which meshes Special Operations veteran and entrepreneurial communities will be donating $25,000 to Team Rubicon Global (TRG). TRG is a military veteran service organization Jesse and the Levin family has had the honor to have worked closely with for years. Team Rubicon started as an organization that deployed military veterans and professional first responders from the U.S. to large-scale international and stateside disasters. It has grown and evolved over the years, and Team Rubicon Global is now taking the model internationally, helping other countries to establish their own skilled-volunteer emergency response teams, enabling more veterans to continue to serve and have a positive impact as civilians. The property can currently be booked as a vacation rental, with details on the website. Westport Connecticut If the walls could speak they would whisper tales of Philip Glass, former top ranking members of international intelligence agencies, and of a generation of Westport's youth that coalesced to create a permanent sort of Salon at 30 Beachside Ave in Westport Connecticut. It is a rare home that by design demands you let your hair down, remove your shoes and unleash the best of yourself in good company. From hilltop bonfires, hammock sessions overlooking Long Island Sound, to star gazing from the greenhouse lounge - not a fiber of your being will recount being only 45 minutes from Manhattan. *all specific details on website.
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Jesse, 30 Beachside

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