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Is the AMS Alpha 9+ Nissan GT-R the ultimate post-Super Bowl reward?

Brandon Jacobs Alpha 9+ Nissan GT-R

Forget about Disney World! If we won the Super Bowl, we would splurge on a highly tuned Nissan GT-R, too. And, that is just what New York Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs did. With Super Bowl XLVI now over, Jacobs is ready to get behind the wheel of his 900-hp AMS-modified GT-R. As you may have already guessed, Jacobs is more into gut-wrenching performance than snazzy rims or a matte-black wrap.

That is why he headed to the extreme tuners out of Chicago, Illinois, last summer with the intention of making his already modified 850-hp GT-R even faster.

Brandon Jacobs Alpha 9+ Nissan GT-R

AMS Performance upgraded nearly every component of Jacobs’s GT-R, which features an Alpha 3.8-liter race engine, Alpha induction system, AMS intercooler, new exhaust, and a more-powerful fuel delivery system. It also upgraded the transmission and turbos. The result is 900 hp on 93-octane pump gas and an outrageous 1,000 hp on 105-octane race fuel!

Brandon Jacobs Alpha 9+ Nissan GT-R

Jacobs took delivery of his AMS Alpha 9+ R35 Nissan GT-R a week prior to the New York Giants and the New England Patriots faceoff on Sunday, February 5, 2012, in Super Bowl XLVI. Now, he has a Super Bowl championship ring and a crazy-fast GT-R as his rewards for an outstanding season; we can’t think of anything better!

Brandon Jacobs

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Posted by: Benjamin Greene
Posted on: 2/14/2012 at 11:08 AM
Categories: Nissan
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