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Lamborghini Sixth Element Concept

Lamborghini has been busy teasing automotive enthusiasts with images of its new concept car set to be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. It was planning on releasing a total of six images but after releasing the fifth image a leaked full image of the Sesto Elemento Concept, or Sixth Element Concept (Carbon’s atomic number is six), has made its way onto the Internet. The car is made entirely of carbon fiber, which Lamborghini has been extensively researching recently. Thanks to the lightweight material, the car weighs only 2,202 pounds. With a rumored V-10 engine in place, the car is said to be able to rip zero-to-62 mph in a Veyron-equaling 2.5 seconds. We don’t expect it to make it into production but this could be the design direction of the future Gallardo. See all the Lamborghini Sixth Element Concept teaser images here.


Lamborghini Sixth Element Concept

In some ways does the Sixth Element Concept remind you of a cross between the Lamborghini Embolado concept and Insecta concept with a little Lamborghini Reventon thrown in?

Embolado Concept

Insecta Concept

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Posted by: Benjamin Greene
Posted on: 9/29/2010 at 3:24 AM
Categories: Concept | Lamborghini | Paris Motor Show
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