Company Overview
The duPontREGISTRY™ continues to provide the premier luxury community for the affluent lifestyle with the recent upgrade of™. Today the duPont Registry™ name is synonymous with providing a panorama of lavish and luxury items for sale and for providing “luxury marketplace.” After twenty years in the publishing industry, the duPont Registry’s™ monthly magazines continue to be the leading publications for the high-end market with feature titles for upscale vehicles, boats and real estate. The magazine distribution list includes regular subscribers in all 50 states and 54 foreign countries. Our upward progression has led us to the offering of our online community that works at bridging buyers and sellers with speed, ease, and accessibility. Combined with our strong brand recognition, a dynamic marketing campaign, and over 29 million hits per month,™ is the dominant force for marketing luxury goods on the Internet.
Our Mission™ leads the luxury marketplace community with our strong brand name recognition and the exceptional service that we provide to our customers and clients. We are totally committed to continually enhancing our website to meet the needs of our luxury marketplace communities. We strive to feature the finest and the most exceptional products available. We will always keep the customer’s needs first by offering a simple and user-friendly format that will enhance ease, speed and accessibility. Our creation of an Online Luxury Community as a cyber marketplace was a natural progression upward in this new world of e-commerce economy. Our innovative web products such as our search engines and our virtual online magazines are just a few examples of™’s promise to make the user experience both informative and enjoyable.
Contact Information™
3051 Tech Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Toll Free: 1-800-233-1731 ext. 1512
International: 727-573-9339 ext. 1512
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