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3,265 miles

Ville Mont-Royal, QC

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"The Rare and Exquisite Ferrari 288 GTO: A Masterpiece for Sale

There can be no doubting the prestige of the Italian automobile world or the blinding speed on offer from its stable of supercars. Can any other road car lay claim to such allure as that of the Ferrari 288 GTO? A rare jewel in the crown of car marques, the 288 GTO teeters on the knife-edge between brute force and beauty. For the car connoisseur, finding a Ferrari 288 GTO for sale is perhaps akin to discovering a masterpiece.

For a brand heavily associated with racing, the Gran Turismo Omologato – more commonly referred to as the Ferrari 288 GTO – is an affirmation of homage. When it made its debut in 1984, the road car was created in line with the Group B Race rules, which were suspended in 1986, prior to the Ferraris actual run in the category. Decades on, it has become an automotive legend not due to its track involvement, but its street-legal pedigree.

One might expect that a Ferrari 288 GTO would be rather difficult to find for sale, and indeed it is, due to the fact that only 272 were made. No two are alike, but they share one thing in common: each is an example of Ferraris commitment to blending speed with style and luxury. Equipped with a 2.9-litre V8 with 400 horsepower and capable of reaching a top speed of 189mph, the 288 GTO was the fastest production car of its time.

Its not just its record-breaking performance that makes the Ferrari 288 GTO a work of art – clever as that is. Its the whole package – a handsome, low-slung car with bulging wheel arches that oozes aggressive elegance; the shape of the car is perfectly symmetrical and harmonious, with a cabin that is the right mix of luxurious and practical, and a dash, bucket seats, and three-spoke steering wheel that are just right. It was designed not just to be fast but to look fast, and to feel fast, too.

When you buy the Ferrari 288 GTO thats up for sale, youre buying the very essence of an era – an object of history that still captivates generation after generation of car enthusiasts. This exotica is also a tribute to the ingenuity of those who wore the Modenese prancing horse, as Ferraris designers always strived to push the technological limits of automotive high performance. You possess a bit of prancing horse history when you own one.

After all, a Ferrari 288 GTO for sale is pretty much what youd call a unicorn. Its a supercar thats rare enough, has enough heritage, enough performance, and enough beauty that it should be considered the ultimate investment. Never mind the fact that the 288 GTO was something truly magical with enormously capable hardware in an elegant and beautiful package. For those willing to roll the dice on an investment that combines the visceral thrill of high-speed performance with the cachet of the ultimate lifestyle brand, the Ferrari 288 GTO is the only choice. Never mind that its a Ferrari."