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Why choose coverage through duPont REGISTRY Insurance?

Our A+ rated coverage is crafted by experts with decades of experience in luxury and collector vehicles. We deliver not only top-tier protection but also the best service ratings, ensuring your high-end automobile receives the expert care it deserves.


Spare Parts

A comprehensive coverage amount is provided for your insured vehicle's spare parts.


Auto Show Medical Reimbursement

Up to $10,000 in medical payments if you or your family members are injured during an auto show or other car-related function.


On-Demand Concierge

Tailored experience for every customer while prioritizing your needs and executing at the highest standards.

Insurance Claims

Losses can be a distressing experience, which is why we've simplified the insurance claims process, offering both phone and online filing options for your convenience.

Service Commitment

The claims procedure is designed to be initiated within a few days from the reporting date, with most claims being resolved within a short period of time.

Repair Assistance

The power of choice is yours when it comes to your vehicle's repairs. We are here to support you in deciding how and where your vehicle is repaired.


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Don't leave your collectible car with generic insurance.

Experience the distinction of personalized white-glove car insurance offerings tailored to your needs.

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Personalized and Reliable

At duPont REGISTRY Insurance, we understand luxury extends beyond your vehicle.

That's why our insurance solutions are tailored to reflect your unique lifestyle.

We go beyond the ordinary, offering personalized assistance to finding the right coverage that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Because luxury should always be tailored to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure duPont is right for you? Here’s what you should know about us before you sign up for a policy.

1. What is duPont REGISTRY insurance?

duPont REGISTRY is an insurance broker. It operates as a distributor of insurance options designed specifically to cover luxury and exotic cars. Select from multiple plan options by top insurance companies, including Hagerty, the highest-rated coverage provider for exotic cars.

2. How much are deductibles for luxury sports cars and other expensive vehicles?

3. How many years of driving experience are required to be eligible for exotic car coverage?

4. Who can drive my car?

5. Is it more expensive to insure the most expensive cars?

6. What are the requirements for luxury car insurance?

7. Do expensive cars require an appraisal to confirm their value?

8. Can I insure other types of high-end vehicles under my car insurance?

9. Is luxury car insurance more expensive than regular auto insurance?

10. What if I'm not sure what option is best for me?

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Don't leave your luxury vehicle vulnerable with one-size-fits-all insurance. Discover the distinction of personalized luxury car insurance designed to meet your unique needs.

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