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"We are in the pursuit of pairing the worlds greatest automobiles with the worlds greatest collections."

– John Temerian

After 12 years of buying and selling hundreds of vintage Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s, I partnered with Jordi Ricart and Alan Lazowski to prove that the automobile is a viable and consistent alternative investment asset class. Ignoring the noise of speculating dealers, “Broadway” Show auction houses and using reason and passion to build an investment automobile collection portfolio.

We are in the constant pursuit of pairing the worlds greatest automobiles with the worlds greatest collections. We buy, trade and sell ONLY very specific cars.

We buy, represent and sell Investment quality “blue chip” cars. Low Mileage, High Quality, Limited Quantity examples of Post War European Exotics and Supercars. Knowledge is everything. Knowledge of the “Investment,” knowledge of the market, knowledge of make/model specific detail, and understanding the liquidity of the product. Curated knows Classic Cars. We are strict about what we buy and dedicated to our DNA. We only buy, trade and sell cars we know; Lamborghini Countach, Diablo and Miura models. Specific Ferrari Challenge models. Specific Supercar models from 1980s/1990s. And a few Jaguar E-Types here and there…

We don’t claim to be Porsche experts, We don’t follow the vintage Mercedes market, and we don’t claim to know everything, but through years of both my personal and my families extensive first-hand experience with some of the worlds greatest cars, we are able to offer our expertise and quality advice when procuring or selling a myriad of Vintage Supercars. Since 2013 we have helped to build some of the countries greatest collections and provide consultation and support starting with research, discovery, inspection, procurement, and preservation.

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