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Have you ever heard about the Porsche car brand? Are you a fan of their cars? Would you like to own one of their vehicles? Then you are in the right place. Here, we take a look at the Porsche 928 car lineup. They are fantastic machines made to provide the sports experience to their user. So, if you desire to know more about these tremendous vehicles, follow along as we unravel one of the most praised Porsche vehicles.

The vehicle models, though they were invented in the 1900s, are still sold to this day. You will find a Porsche 928 for sale in your nearest dealer shop but only used Porsche 928 categories as the new car's stock got exhausted. If you have a hard time finding any of the vehicles, you can always search for them on the internet; for example, GT4 vehicles on sale. It might be hard to find a Porsche 928 project car for sale, but with a bit of endurance and the tips provided in this article, you will find one within no time.

They are the first car models in the Porsche motors company to be produced having V8 engines. The lineup featured models such as the 928 S, GTS, GT, Turbo, and the Porsche 928 S4. Porsche made the models for speed, so the metals used were lightweight aluminum. They made the car weight go exceptionally down, giving the vehicle just enough weight to pick up an unusually high pace. 

They also had aluminum profiles that could withstand a collision of up to eight kilometers per hour, attaining minimum to no damage. In addition, most of the models had a manual transmission which improved their performance.

The vehicles have a 5.4-liter fuel cylinder raised from the initial 4.5 to cater for long drives.   Large windows dominate the rear lid to give it that sport-like look. They also have a great spoiler in the front and rear to give it an extra boost in aerodynamics; no one wants to fly away while going fast!  

The Porsche 928 s4 is a sports car that has exceptional features. First of all, the vehicle has a supercharged V8 engine which provides it with the extra strength to pick up the pace. Second, it consumes petrol and operates using manual transmission. The car contains thirty-two valves and a ten-point zero compression value, hence the high speed.

It has a fuel consumption rate of 13.6L per hundred kilometers and has a fuel tank capacity of 13.6 liters. It can attain a top speed of 270 km/h with an acceleration of 5.9 seconds per sixty-two miles. With that speed and acceleration, combined with the vehicle's lightweight feature, you can be sure to always have your seat belt on while driving fast. So if you are looking to buy a sports car that can achieve a high speed, we would highly suggest you try out the Porsche s4.

The Porsche 928 GTS model was among the first-ever models to have V8 engines installed in the early 90s. The vehicles have a fuel consumption of 14.1 liters per 62 miles. It accelerates at a rate of 5.7 seconds per 62 miles and has a maximum top speed of 171 miles per hour. It also runs on petrol, just like the s4 version.

They have an engine that produces up to 257 kilowatts of energy, providing enough power to accelerate at the above-mentioned speed. It has a five-speed manual gearbox and a maximum torque of 4250 rpm. The cars have two doors but four seats, providing enough space to accommodate your family. The car has features similar to the Porsche 928 GT in terms of speed and transmission.

Finding a Porsche 928 GTS for sale in this century is not an easy feat.  It was sold from 1991 to 1995, since then, you can only find used GTS.

Porsche 928 turbo car has a 6.2seconds per 62 miles acceleration rate, close to the s4 model. It can acquire a top speed of 158 miles per hour. The vehicle uses petrol and has a supercharged V8 engine integrated into it. The V8 engine produces up to 228 thousand watts and has a torque of 4100 rpm. The car provides maximum road comfort as well as speed. So if you are looking for speed and ease, this would be the car we would highly recommend.

The Porsche 928 models were developed in the nineteen hundreds' and are still classic models to this day. If you want to purchase a Porsche 928 model, we hope this article has helped you out.

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