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The Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary for sale is an iconic, high-performance, rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive two-door sports car produced by Lamborghini between 1974 and 1990. It remains a distinctly styled, powerful sportscar, one of the pioneering “Italian Wedge” designed cars with sharp angles that set it apart. 

The Countach’s uniquely angular and geometric design made it a car of the future upon its debut. It has a wide, low, flat front, shortened tail and sharp, aerodynamic detailing that attracted a lot of attention when it was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 1971. The Lamborghini team pumped up the show-stopping look of the Countach by removing anything that would interfere with the sleek lines of the body—including bumpers, intake vents,  spoilers, and side-view mirrors—even the headlights tuck neatly into the hood when not in use.

The Countach was truly ahead of its time, sporting an intelligent dash panel with cruise control like features and on-board diagnostics before they were commonplace. Instead of a rearview mirror, the first Countach series relied on a periscope that is integrated into the passenger compartment roof. It is also the first production car to come with scissor doors—nothing else would have done the aesthetic justice. 

The Countach runs on a Lamborghini 3.9L V12 370-horsepower, longitudinally-mounted engine with a standard five-speed synchromesh manual transmission. The Countach Anniversary edition was created in 1988 to commemorate Lamborghini’s 25th anniversary and produced until 1990 when the Diablo superseded it.  

The 1989 Lamborghini Countach was sculpted by none other than Horacio Pagani and is one of the most over-the-top models in existence. Unlike the other Countach, the 25th anniversary Countach for sale has a massive and astonishing 450-horsepower 5.2L V12 engine. 

The modified exterior of the 25th anniversary Countach is quite divisive—you either love it or hate, but you can’t miss it. Still, 30 years later, it is one of the most striking cars ever made. The enormous rear wing and all flat windows with sharp angles and hidden intakes along with a rear bumper all make this one of the most memorable cars. It may be a bit difficult to drive thanks to limited rear visibility and odd Lamborghini design quirks, but it is fun, and you'll never at any point forget that you're in one of the coolest cars ever built.  

The Countach 25th Anniversary price continues to rise as this model holds its value as a collectible piece of Lamborghini history. Though some may prefer previous Countach models, the 25th-anniversary edition is billed as the most refined and possibly the fastest Countach variant. If you plan to buy a Lamborghini Countach 25th anniversary car, prepare to turn heads and cruise at speeds that will give today’s cars a run for their money. 

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