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The Pontiac Trans Am has grown into a very popular vehicle following several appearances in popular films. These cars have not gained recognition among celebrities but are desired by many collectors and individuals who enjoy cars with a vintage look. Even though the Pontiac Trans Am line of vehicles are no longer in production, many people are still looking to get their hands on these cars.

A Brief History Of The Pontiac Trans Am: Before we consider where to find a Pontiac Trans Am for sale, let's take a quick look at the history of this car. When looking at historical facts, many people would search for the Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am for sale as this model was one that sparked significant interest in the vehicle.

The Trans Am held a close relation to another previous model from the Pontiac brand. In fact, many people associated the two with each other, as there were very few differences. In reality, however, the Trans Am was made as a specialty model of previous Pontiac vehicles. The Trans Am made its debut in 1969. It was developed to provide the same features as the other model, but with better performance and speed.

Finding a New Trans Am For Sale: When it comes to buying a Trans Am, it is important to know where to look. Production of the Pontiac Trans Am halted in 2002. Since that time, no new models have been produced. There are some speculations that a new model is about to hit the market, but further confirmation is still needed.

With this in mind, finding a new Trans Am would not be possible at the moment – except if one is able to find a seller with an unused 2002 model.

Buying a Pontiac Trans Am: While it may be hard to find a brand-new model of the Pontiac Trans Am, getting your hands on a second-hand model will prove much easier.

The first thing to consider is the Pontiac Trans Am price. Due to the popularity and vintage look, along with the fact that these vehicles are no longer produced, the cost of a second-hand model will still reach high prices in most cases.

There are also different models out there. The Trans Am Bandit Edition, for example, would generally be sold at a higher price compared to a standard model. The same applies to an option like the Bert Reynolds Trans Am. A Trans Am restomod system provides enhanced performance for those who are looking to get top speeds but also adds an additional increase to the expected costs

Buying a Pontiac Trans Am involves a careful process of finding a seller and considering the overall status of the car. The manufacturing of the vehicles was halted by General Motors in 2002, but there are still many models available to buy from private sellers, as well as dealers. Always consider the car’s papers, price, and current condition before deciding whether to continue with the purchase or look for another seller. 

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