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Mustang has long been known for manufacturing cars that are built for performance and durability. This brand has a large focus on muscle cars, with bulky bodies that are often considered to be masculine. The Mustang Boss has a history that spans back to the end of the 1960s, and production continued for several decades after.

When looking for a Ford Mustang Boss for sale, it is important that you know where to search, what to consider, and how much to pay. Learn what makes this Mustang such a great car and how to find a Boss 429 for sale.

History Of The Mustang Boss: People looking for a Boss 302 Mustang for sale, or even the Boss 429 Mustang model, likely enjoys the rich history along with the aesthetics of the vehicle. The Boss 302 and 429 were released within a short period from each other. The Boss 429 is generally considered a sibling to the 302 models and provides a significant enhancement in its overall power.

These vehicles focused on performance primarily. Both models featured the classic bulky look that Mustang is known for. Production for these vehicles did not last too long, which means there was a limited production – part of the reason why the Mustang Boss series has garnered such a demand.

In the years 2012 and 2013, manufacturing of the Mustang Boss series resumed. A limited number of models were produced.

Mustang Boss Performance And Specifications: The Mustang Boss features a four-speed manual transmission system. The more recent model, manufactured in 2012, rather featured a six-speed manual transmission, providing a further enhancement in its expected performance.

The 1969 Boss 429 Mustang featured a large seven-liter engine, while the 302 models rather relied on a somewhat smaller five-liter engine. Displacement of the engine was less restrictive in the 429 models too, which is why the vehicle quickly became a popular race car option at the time.

The V8 engine used in the Boss 302 model is another element that created interest in the car. This engine provided a roaring sound, along with a high-performance output, making the car an excellent option for various purposes. The two-door fastback also created a leaner look on the car, removing an excess bulk that comes with a four-door option.

Finding A Mustang Boss For Sale: When looking for a Mustang Boss for sale, it is important to start with local sellers. Finding a seller in a local area makes transport easier and helps to ensure a smoother transaction.

It is important to consider a few important factors, such as whether the car comes with updated papers. If damage has been suffered, first consider taking a closer look at the car. Restoration can sometimes be quite expensive, which can drive up the final price you will be paying.

The Mustang Boss series was manufactured for the purpose of performance. The manufacturer was able to achieve a sleek look while still keeping the masculinity that Mustang is known for. Both the 302 and 429 models provided exceptional performance for the time and had an improvement in the recent 2012 remake of the car.