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"Rare and eccentric, the Plymouth Prowler is a car that collectors of classic automobiles yearn for. For anyone who appreciates the classic styling and modern technology in its design, the Plymouth Prowler for sale can only induce instant excitement.

The Prowler made its debut in production form in 1997, and Chrysler was like a record company that suddenly signed all their artists to hair bands. The Prowler leapt into the fray with a vengeance. Its open-wheeled layout and high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps combined with a retro-styled outline that proclaimed itself a descendant of classic hot rods. The low, long hood, and stubby rear end were shrewd echoes of the 30s, as was the flipper-like tail. It had a modern aluminum frame and a 3.5-litre V6 that could boast 214 horsepower.

Its most enduring aspect might be that it was the last production vehicle to be tooled with handmade dies and actual hammered metal; a less quantifiable factor that helps to explain why a Plymouth Prowler for sale, available in remarkably low numbers, is becoming a hit with collectors and fans. In its 10 years of production, a scant 11,000-plus units ever rolled off the assembly line.

And though its looks were hot, the Prowler was as much an original pleasure to drive as it was to behold. Its rear-drive layout and four-speed automatic with Autostick shifter made for a buttery automatic ride, and the handling was delightful, with a surprising ride quality for a car with such sinewy curves. The interior was small but snug and well-appointed, with air conditioning, power windows and locks, and a top-shelf sound system.

Although it was produced for just a few years, the Prowler has had a significant influence on automotive design. Its sleek and retro look, along with its modern amenities, has earned the car a permanent place in many collections of auto enthusiasts around the world, and it continues to reflect the innovation that Plymouth became famous for.

Any Plymouth Prowler for sale today is likely going to be quite rare: you may have a challenge finding one. But for those who do, theyll be getting a distinct and rare car. One that isnt just a blast to drive, but that turns its fair share of heads. One that is a unique crossover between classic hot rod, a modern video-game sensibility, updated performance, and comfort. And one that defied convention and bravely dared to be different. Which is exactly why the Plymouth Prowler deserves a place of honor in automotive history. Watch any collector car auction, and youll find the majority of classic cars sell for around the same price. And increasingly, the Plymouth Prowler is one of them. If youre a collector, you need one. If youre a car lover, one with a bit of a knack for the outrageous, you need one. The Plymouth Prowler needs you."