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The Rezvani for sale are exceptional supercars and trucks that easily eclipse their competition with premium features that are equipped to handle any situation. Rezvani Motors is a California-based high-performance supercar designer and manufacturer founded by Ferris Rezvani. Before branching out to develop his unique line of aggressively-styled apocalypse-ready vehicles, Rezvani honed his skills working for Aston Martin and Ferrari.

The used Rezvani for sale is a one-of-a-kind SUV. The Rezvani Tank was unveiled at the end of 2017 and is considered a tactical urban vehicle. It is available in two lines, the standard and military versions. Rezvani trucks, which are classified as XUV's (extreme utility vehicles), have a slew of unconventional options and an impressive list of base features included that cannot be found in run-of-the-mill trucks.

The Rezvani SUV for sale is the successor to Rezvani’s initial offering, the distinctive and intimidating Rezvani Beast. With options that make that supercar one of the lightest and fastest cars on the market, Rezvani trucks had a lot to live up to. Thankfully, they do not disappoint.

Rezvani SUV's are designed with military-grade features but equipped for the road. To be sure, they may look a bit clunky, but you'd be hard-pressed to find the level of protection available with these features in another car. A powerful 6.4 L 500-horsepower (or optional 6.2 L 1,000 horsepower from the Dodge Demon) V8 engine is what it takes to propel this heavy, armored vehicle across any type of terrain that you can think of.

For the ultimate security, consider taking Rezvani up on the offer to install ballistics armor that will stop high caliber weapons and assault rifles in their tracks. The critical components of the military version are wrapped in Kevlar and come with underside protection. If you plan to be in situations where you could benefit from the ability to disappear, let's hope you've opted to equip your Rezvani trucks with the smokescreen option to lose any trackers, after all, to get Rezvani-caliber features, expect Rezvani-caliber prices.

Rezvani trucks can also be upgraded with electro-magnetic pulse protection, electrified door handles and magnetic deadbolts, ram bumpers, or console safes, making these trucks the stuff of movies brought to life. Military run-flat tires, blinding lights, and a thermal/night vision system leave the Rezvani trucks in a league of their own. Set it all off with an eye-catching exterior and plenty of options for a surprisingly luxurious interior, and you've got a winning combination.