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3,111 miles

Linden, NJ

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89,996 miles

Linden, NJ

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"The luxury car pantheon is full of deities in bronze, gods of design and engineering genius. The AC Cobra is one of the purest, which is why there was no hesitation when the British car maker, AC Cars, and the American driver, Carroll Shelby, came up with the AC Cobra (or, in the USA, the Shelby Cobra). It is the blending of British craftsmanship and American muscle that makes the Cobra for sale today such an icon.

The AC Cobra, first produced in the early 1960s, is a timeless classic: still beautifully sculpted in a way that belies its age, still full of rich linear detail, and still capable of making that special brand of complete driving sense that flows from phenomenal power through an unstressed lightweight package. Perhaps the AC Cobra takes on a quasi-anatomical significance because, however beautiful its skin, its the powertrain under the bonnet that still makes it sing. The original AC Cobra was fitted with the Ford V8 engine that made a skinny little British roadster bulge and bawl with deliciously indecent power. And if the AC Cobra for sale today is half as fast as it is beautiful, then the mantle is proudly upheld.

Its probably the AC Cobras heritage and racing history thats most responsible for the idea that it must be the greatest sports car of all time. The AC Cobra was built and raced in the 1960s and 70s, and when you think of the AC Cobra, your mind is probably filled with images of Donnie or Carroll, speeding around a racetrack, kicking up dust all over your T-shirt. Its not just a car; its a symbol of a different time, a piece of history, an icon.

To the aficionado of classic motor cars, the opportunity to buy an AC Cobra is a siren call. This is not so much a car as an investment — an asset that will appreciate in value, but is still worth enjoying. And the AC Cobra is a rare car. The earlier models are collectors items and almost anyone will leap at the chance of a Cobra for sale.

Furthermore, the AC Cobra that we can buy today is not only respectful of its legacy, but also looks back on that legacy while marrying cutting-edge electronics with old-school aesthetics. The AC Cobra 378, launched in 2017, for example, is a modern interpretation of the classic, with all the V8 power youd expect, but none of the styling issues.

In conclusion, despite the picture that the AC Cobra can make of itself – do not be fooled: the AC Cobra is not just a car. It is a legend: an icon of design and engineering, a testament to racing history, and a coveted purchase for those who can keep up with the AC Cobra for sale lists. Whether it is a modern reincarnation of the worlds most beautiful car, or the classic British roadster itself, the Cobra for sale is the embodiment of the track-inspired aesthetic and the exotic feel that make the AC Cobra a revered figure on the roads today."