Jet Boats for Sale 


Jet boats are boats that are powered by water jet propulsion rather than a propeller. Jet boats were first designed by Sir William Hamilton for the fast flowing and shallow waters in New Zealand. Jet boats for sale are designed to be fast and maneuverable in even the shallowesrt of water. To help kepp their maneuverability high, jet boats for sale usually have more a flat hull opposed to the normal v-shaped hull. This gives many jet boat for sale a lack of stability at slower speeds. This hull also allows jet boats for sale to rideon top of instead of in the water.

A jet boat works for sale by pumping a small volume of water and accelerating it by a large amount to acquire a substantial amount of thrust. Steering is accomplished by moving the nozzle of the water pump. This means that they only way to steer the jet boat is to have some sort of water by propelled out. Unlike what many people think, the water expelled in the jet is underneath the waterline and not above the underline. With decreased friction, the boat is able to hit higher speeds and agility. One cool trick of a jet boat is the they can be turned around and stopped with their own length; this maneuver is called a Hamilton turn. An added bonus to jet boats is there is no propeller to hurt swimmers or any marine life.

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