Hunter Pocket Cruisers for Sale


Hunter Pocket Cruisers for sale are designed and built for a novice yet quick learning sailor. Hunter Pocket Cruisers for sale have more size and performance over the Daysailers and offer a great value for the size. Hunter boasts that the Hunter Pocket Cruisers for sale raise the bar on the industry standards for quality, value and sail ability.

Hunter Pocket Cruisers for sale can be found in two lengths. The 25-foot Hunter 25 and the 27-foot Hunter 27 are the two Hunter Pocket Cruisers for sale on the market as of this writing. These large sailboat yachts offer an open and airy cabin, a large cockpit and a suitable aft cabins. This means that Hunter Pocket Cruisers for sale are perfectly fine at sea for a day to well over a week.

The definition of a yacht has grown over the years. A yacht used to be known as a fast and light weight vessels exclusively used to convey rich and/or important people. These days yachts can be considered any ship used for pleasure cruising and/or yacht racing. Most of the yachts used for cruising come in a very large size to accommodate many people and their needs.

A close relative of the Yacht is the cruiser or cabin cruiser. These boats come with a motor as well as a cabin that usually comes with two or three sleeping areas, a galley and a bathroom. Like a yacht these ships can spend anywhere from a day to weeks on the water.

A sailboat or sail yacht is powered partially or entirely by the wind that pushes against its sails. Sailboats for sale are normally classified by their length. A sailboat can usually range anywhere from 20 feet to 100 feet, although most sailboats you’ll find are normally somewhere between 25 to 45 feet. Another way a sailboat for sale is classified is through its hull configuration: Monohulls, multi-hull catamarans and trimarans. Monohulls are what a person would normally think of when they hear the term boat. Like the name implies, there is one, V-shaped hull. Multi-hull catamarans uses two or more hulls for stability. A Trimaran uses a main hull with two smaller hulls on either side attached with struts. Another difference between sailboats for sale are the keel differences. A keel sits on the bottom of the boat to give the boat stability and make sure it doesn't flip over. A keel comes in full, fin, winged, bulb and other types of keels normally utilized.

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