Chris Craft Lancers for Sale 


The Chris Craft Lancers for sale is the smallest boat in their line-up, yet it still as amazing as their biggest. What the Chris Craft Lancers for sale does offer is a sporty boat that is both agile and fast. The Chris Craft Lancer has been and can be compared to a sports car that you would find on your local roadway. How fast is the Chris Craft Lancers for sale? How does getting up on-plane in three seconds and speeding up all the way to 50+ mph strike you? Not impressed? The Chris Craft Lancers for sale also has a V-8 engine option that produces a water-churning 270 horsepower. What makes Chris Craft Lancers for sale so special are the deep v-hulls and flared bows that are now a company trademark. This makes the Lancer a perfect boat for water-skiing or wake-boarding.

The Chris Craft Lancer for sale comes in three flavors. The first is the basic, 20-foot Lancer 20. The 23-foot Lancer 22 adds a middle seat located in the front of the bow. Althogether this means the Chris Craft Lancer 22 for sale can seat seven comfortably. The Chris Craft Lancer Woody for sale is a rare model offered in the 1996 model year. The Chris Craft Lancer Woody for sale is limited to just 99 examples, all of which have more tweak wood covering the exterior.

What constitutes a powerboat? A powerboat is generally a craft that is propelled through the water by an internal combustion engine jet or propeller. A speedboat is a small powerboat or motorboat designed specifically to move quickly on top of the water. Speedboats are usually used for racing, water skiing as well as military and coast guard patrolling.

Powerboats are also sometimes referred to as go-fast boats. The go-fast boat is the generic name for the drug smuggling boat of choice during the late 80s and 90s. These boats are recognized for their specific styling cues and bad boy persona.

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