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2882 Amwiler Road Atlanta, GA 30360


Adam Merlin founded Merlin Auto Group in 2008. As both an aspiring entrepreneur and car enthusiast, it was most befitting to steer his ambition toward building a meaningful business that specializes in Ferrari; a legendary brand that he admired since childhood. Merlin Auto Group has since become the largest independent Ferrari sales and service center in the country, with a reputation for representing cars that have been thoroughly vetted by a team of experts. Opening a service center became essential to carry out his vision, which entailed assembling a team of technicians and advisors with the proper certifications and background. With over 20 years in the automotive industry himself, and a shared passion for automobiles as the target market, he insisted on creating a company culture that revolved around incredibly high values and product standards

For Adam, going to the office isn’t work, it’s an extension of what he loves doing. His favorite aspect of the business is in the procuring of cars, Ferrari or not. As a pilot, he gets to fly all over the nation to assess each acquisition in person. On any given day, Adam is driving a different car than he did the day prior and raving about why he enjoys that particular car. When he’s not on the hunt, he’s fully immersed in the intricacies of the business with a mindset that is geared toward consistent improvement. This vigor, coupled with having the right team committed to the mission of excellence, has proven to ensure the continued success of Merlin Auto Group.

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