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Confederate Lives!

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.-- After the rebranding from Confederate Motors Inc. to Curtiss Motorcycle Company, Inc., Ernest Lee Capital LLC, announced that through its wholly-owned subsidiary Confederate Motorcycles LLC it has successfully acquired the intellectual property rights to the Confederate brands and designs. Confederate Motorcycles LLC immediately announced plans to continue to sell Confederate P-51 Combat Fighters and FA-13 Combat Bombers and to begin production of its latest Confederate P-120 Fighter immediately.

“We are currently designing the next run of bikes that will each be available with a number of customer-selectable options,” said Ernest Lee.

“We personally did not want to see the Confederate brand disappear into the ether.” “We want to continue that tradition at Confederate; building innovative and original bikes that draw crowds everywhere they ride.”

Confederate has plans to reintroduce an all-new Confederate Wraith, with a newly designed Confederate Hellcat to follow. "Our plan is to introduce updates to these three iconic models every few years. The new Confederate Fighter will bring the best elements of the P-120 into the new era for Confederate Motorcycles."

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