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Well after a few technical problems I am back with my Forbes and Mercer top 10 most expensive cities to live in the United States. Number 7 on this list is the Windy City of Chicago.  Chicago an intricate city with an amazing history is a place where I could find a luxury home to call home. Chicago because of its historical attributes to the making us expand to the west and be an active part in our global marketplace you can find a high end modern penthouse or a beautiful historic mansion. My preference in architecture has to be on the historic side, a home that has a story behind it.

Looking at duPont REGISTRY I found the home that I would want to live in. It is a beautiful luxury home is in the prestigious neighborhood of Lakewood in Chicago. Lakewood is known for its vintage homes and quite residential areas, perfect just for me.

This home features things that I would love to have in my home. Let us start in the kitchen; the kitchen would just be a dream to cook in. The island in the middle is perfect with nice hard marble top, enough drawers and storage space underneath it so you never have to leave your prep area to grab anything. Right behind is the sink and dishwasher for a quick clean up and an amazing new stove/oven for your culinary creations. The kitchen is always where people congregate when you are hosting a party and there is enough room in there for everyone. The kitchen is completely open to your living room.

Let us now move into the living room well the “great room” as they call it. The great room right next to the kitchen has a gorgeous fireplace to keep you warm in the windy winters of Chicago. It also open up to your backyard area by double french doors. These doors create great natural light in this area of the house.
This home has five bedrooms! The best being the master suite of course, the master suite is where I would spend all my time. It has new hardwood floors, a fireplace and double French doors that lead out to your private balcony. The bathroom makes me want to grab my rubber ducky and take a bubble bath. Not only is there a Jacuzzi tub, but a standing show stall and a double vanity so you can have your own space if you happen to be lucky enough to be sharing your suite.

Other great features of this luxury home is the wine cellar, and rooftop deck. If you have ever lived in a big city you would know that there is no such things as a backyard let alone a backyard BBQ in the summer, but you have to enjoy the weather somewhere so you head to the roof. This roof top is completely decked out with finished hardwood. This luxury home in Chicago is listed at $1,799,000. To See More Photos

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Posted on: 2/5/2010 at 5:13 PM
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