Luxury Home in Miami

TGIF! I am finishing off the work week with Forbes and Mercer’s number 6 on there top 10 list of the most expensive city to live in the country. Any idea what city it is? I will give you a hint, it is a place that gets hotter when the sun goes down…do you have any idea? Miami. Yes Miami. Miami is a beautiful city located on the southern tip of Florida. When you are in Miami you are surrounded by not only amazing landscapes, but gorgeous people.  I am not sure why the people are so beautiful there it might be something in the water or the fact that it is so hot there in the summer the high is in the 90’s with humidity averaging 85% you have no choice but to be skinny. There are several luxury homes in Miami these days it isn’t the 80’s anymore. Looking through the listing on duPont REGISTRY it was very hard to pick which one was my favorite, but after looking closely I chose one. My favorite luxury home in Miami is from Zeder on duPont REGISTRY. This stunning luxury home is located inside Sunkist Estates an exclusive area of Miami elite homes. This luxury real estate is the lifestyle that you would want for your family. It is a spacious home with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. It is a cooks luxury kitchen dream has an open plan that flows into the family room. This extravagant home also has a personal office to sneak away and do your work or play WoW in secrecy (if you don’t get the reference you should…Google it). When the guests come over you have a formal living room and dining room to entertain them in, but also a attached guest house. The guest house is a wonderful space with a private bedroom, sitting room and kitchen for your guests use. It is so nice they might just want to stay so be careful. You know what they say about house guests, they are like leftovers one day is good two okay but the third day you throw them out…hehe.

This home should come with a bottle of sun tan lotion because of the sun you will be enjoying.  This homes backyard has a double luxury pool with a featured area for doing laps, and is joined by a Jaczzi to unwind in. This luxury home is just spectacular and is listed for $1,895,000. See more photos.

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Posted by: kmelshenker
Posted on: 1/29/2010 at 4:09 PM
Categories: Luxury Real Estate
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