We've Got You Covered: duPont REGISTRY Cover Properties Sold in 2013

We at the duPont REGISTRY pride ourselves on only bringing you, our reader, the best of the best available on today’s market, whether you’re searching for a car, a boat or a home. In 2013, the covers of duPont REGISTRY A Buyers Gallery of Fine Homes were graced by some of the finest homes we’ve ever seen, with some of the most impressive amenities to date.

And the numbers are there to back it. Of the homes featured on the cover of our magazine last year, 7 saw success with a sale before the end of 2013.

Our cover properties had as many as 12 bathrooms, 12 car garages, 100 acres and great success in finding a buyer. Below, you will find our most successful covers, each showing a home that now has a new owner, and a statistical analysis of what kind of stuff our covers are made of. We’re happy to bring you the REGISTRY in Review.


Sold Properties Stats 


Largest: 7

Average: 5


Largest: 8.5

Average: 5.5


Largest: 12

Average: 5


Highest: $22,800,000

Average: $7,327,142.86


Largest: 16,500

Average: 9,235


Largest: 5

Average: 1.9 


Boerne, TX

Keller Williams Luxury International Realty

Sold For: Undisclosed | Asking: $2,975,000

• 8,176 square feet • 3 acres

• 5 bedrooms • 5.5 bathrooms

• 5-car garage • waterfront


Pebble Beach, CA

Carmel Realty

Sold For: $7,600,000 | Asking: $8,295,000

• 8,400 square feet • 1.46 acres

• 6 bedrooms • 7 bathrooms

• 2-car garage • waterfront


Lighthouse Point, FL

The Prenner Team

Sold For: $3,200,000 | Asking: $3,350,000

• 9,304 square feet • .28 acres

• 5 bedrooms • 3 bathrooms

• 3-car garage • waterfront


Hilton Head Island, SC

Charter One Realty

Sold For: $3,900,000 | Asking: $3,995,000

• 4,342 square feet • .83 acres

• 5 bedrooms • 6 bathrooms

• 12-car garage • waterfront


Great Falls, VA 

Long & Foster

Sold For: $5,634,180 | Asking: $7,900,000

• 16,500 square feet • 5 acres

• 7 bedrooms • 7-full and 3-half bathrooms

• 4-car garage


Smith Mountain Lake VA

Smith Mountain Lake Properties

Sold For: $1,750,000 | Asking: $1,975,000

• 7,863 square feet • .84 acres

• 4 bedrooms  • 4 bathrooms  

• 3-car garage  • waterfront 

 • mountain view


Vancouver, Canada

Faith Wilson Group

Sold For: Undisclosed | Asking: $22,800,000

• 10,064 square feet • .50+ acres

• 5 bedrooms • 6.5 bathroom

• 3-car garage

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(PRESS RELEASE) Pebble Beach Chappellet Estate Sells for $16.5 Million 29 Days from Listing with Carmel Realty Company




The historic waterfront property, known as the Chappellet Estate, has been sold for $16.5 million, with agents from Carmel Realty Company representing both the buyer and seller. After being on the market for nearly a decade with a different real estate firm, Carmel Realty Company closed escrow on the Chappellet Estate in just twenty-nine days.

“This is the fourth significant sale in the past twelve months where Carmel Realty Company successfully represented both the buyer and seller. The collaborative nature of our organization benefits our clients through our ability to bring buyers and sellers together, especially on significant sales such as the Chappellet Estate,” said Malone Hodges, Managing Broker of Carmel Realty Company.

Numerous previous offers were made through the years and one made it into escrow with the previous listing firm prior to the deal brokered by Carmel Realty Company listed for $16.9 million.

“This sale is a prime example of proper pricing, target marketing and local expertise resulting in a quick strong offer for the seller. We believe that getting to know the clients, and their goals and needs, is as important as understanding the physical characteristics of the properties we represent and the unique aspects of the local market,” said Peter Butler, Listing Agent at Carmel Realty Company.  

Mike and Jessica Canning, also from Carmel Realty Company, represented the buyer. “With the expansion of discreetly exposed, off-market listings, we’ve focused our endeavors on buyers and sellers looking to engage in that platform, which has given us access to elite buyers interested in significant properties. Combining our network with our colleagues at Carmel Realty Company is what makes closing a significant sale, such as this one, in a short time, even possible,” said Mike Canning, Buyer’s Agent. 

The Chappellet Estate constructed around 1915 is one of the first twenty structures to exist in Pebble Beach. Built in the Craftsman-style, this two-story, four bedroom home with a historically-designated guest cottage, sits on some of the most coveted coastal property in the world. Owned by the Chappellet Family, one of the oldest wine producing families of the Napa Valley, for the past four decades, the property encompasses 2.74 acres along the edge of Stillwater Cove in Pebble Beach, California. One of a handful of estates to share the cove with The Lodge at Pebble Beach, the Chappellet Estate is steps to the 18th green of the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links and offers panoramic views of Pebble Beach Golf Links to Carmel Beach to Point Lobos with the Santa Lucia Mountains of Big Sur as its backdrop.


About Carmel Realty:

Carmel Realty Company, an Exclusive Affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate and Regent member of LuxuryRealEstate.com is the oldest real estate firm on the Monterey Peninsula. Celebrating 100 years in 2013, the company focuses exclusively on high-end real estate. In addition to brokerage service, Carmel Realty is the market leader in luxury vacation rentals, managing short and long-term rental homes. The company leverages the personal insight and skill of its agents with industry-leading technology and a world-class marketing team. Visit our website at www.carmelrealtycompany.com.

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Napa Consultants: Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tips

3 Ways to Prepare for a Market Upswing


As the luxury real estate market recovers in your area, you willn otice that more new agents are diving back into marketing luxury real estate. That means competition is now heating up. Now is the time to prepare in order to out-think your competitors. 

The median sales price for homes in San Francisco jumped 16% in 2013, according to the San Francisco Association of Realtors. This is primarily due to a stronger demand among the "Technorati" who want to live in the city and are content to commute to nearby Silicon Valley.

Whereas your area may not be rebounding as quickly as San Francisco, you must be prepared to protect your turf. To do so, think more like a limpet!

The limpet is a sea snail with a conical shell. The limpet attaches itself to hard surfaces in the ocean. They feed on the algae in the waters and what makes them unique and interesting is that they maintain a garden, which surrounds their home base. When another creature dares to graze in their garden, they push them off by ramming them with their shell, so that their garden can continue to thrive.

For luxury real estate marketing profesisionals, limpet thinking means keeping your garden in order and watching out for interlopers. Here are three ways to prepare for a market upswing:

1. Refresh your personal or company brand

2. Create a new full featured luxury real estate website or update your current one

3. Stay in close communication with your sphere of influence on a regular basis


So, think like a limpet, and protect your garden in 2014!


Written by Ron & Alexandra Siegel, Managing Partners of Napa Consultants, International, "the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry." Their blog, the Language of Luxury (LOL), is the most widely read luxury real estate marketing and branding blog on the internet. Click here for more.

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Napa Consultants: Three Tips for Marketing Success in 2014, Part 3

Your Brand Has to Have Soul and Be Inspirational

As a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is essential to discover the soul of your personal or company brand and to create an inspirational brand story. Doing so is a surefire path to market leadership.

Think of a company that has inspired you. Have you ever flown Southwest Airlines? This is one of the brands we love, mainly because of the ease and simplicity of making or changing reservations, their on-time record and also the remarkable friendliness of their employees. Here is a company with soul!

If Southwest Airlines has soul, Zappos, the online shoe store that put 2-way no-cost shipping on the map and was sold to Amazon for more than $1 billion, has both soul and an inspirational brand story. The title of the best seller "Delivering Happiness," written by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, says everything about his management style and the company purpose. 

As with Trader Joe's (covered in "Part 2"), the high employee morale in Southwest Airlines and Zappos is palpable. Employee morale contributes mightily to customer engagement via word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty.

But, why should you strive to uncover and mine your own personal or company brand's "inspirational DNA"? A study conducted by Performance INpsiration shows what consumers do when a company inspires them:

  • 86% of respondents say they would recommend the company to friends and family
  • 82% would be loyal to that company
  • 92% would share their experience with others
  • 71% reported they would spend more on a company that inspires them

Old Spice came out with a commercial that embodies all three essential elements that we cover in this aritcle series, love, soul and inspiration, inspiration because the video went viral, with more than 3 million views when we saw it. The theme, "Smellcome to Manhood," brilliantly targets and communicates to boy swho are coming of age, and also to moms who might buy it for their sons (if they let their sons grow up). It is a must see, and is far better than most superbowl commercials. What a coup for a heritage brand looking to reach its next generation of consumers. You can watch it by clicking here.

Spend some time uncovering and mining your own inspirational DNA. It needs to be demonstrated not just superficially, but through every interaction you have with your associates, your clients and your entire sphere of influence.


Written by Ron & Alexandra Siegel, Managing Partners of Napa Consultants, International, "the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry." Their blog, the Language of Luxury (LOL), is the most widely read luxury real estate marketing and branding blog on the internet. Click here for more.

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Napa Consultants: Three Tips for Marketing Success in 2014, Part 2

What's Love Got to Do with It?

As a seasoned luxury real estate marketing professional, you’ve certainly had the experience of a buyer falling in love with a home at first sight. We personally had that experience with our own home. We knew within 5 minutes that we found the perfect place, wrote an offer and were in escrow within 48 hours. But, this is not typical, especially or buyers who are not all that familiar with your marketplace.

Most of the time you need to set the stage for buyers by first romanticizing your marketplace, then pointing out how the homes you show them could be an ideal match to their needs or dreams. With sellers, you need to romance them with your personal or company brand before they give you their listing. Then you need to present their listings in the best possible light with stunning photography and verbal descriptions that promise a lifestyle devoid of mediocrity.

Think about a brand you love. We love Trader Joes. We cannot say enough about the esprit-de-corps that their very knowledgeable Santa Barbara “Crew” consistently demonstrates, the product selection, their return policy, the food sampling station that always has excellent coffee and friendly conversation, the human scale of the store itself and on and on. The crew here wears shorts and “island-themed” shirts that set the tone for a casual, relaxed buying experience.

How do you get clients to fall in love with YOU and your brand? You need to prove that you truly care about people, according to Wolfgang Shaefer, Global Chief Strategy Officer of SelectNY, a speaker at Luxury Daily’s Luxury Outlook 2014. And, that is what is at the heart of the Trader Joes brand. The operation is so well run that you get the sense that they really take the time to care about you.

What can you do, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, to further convince your past current and potential clients that you truly do care? Spread the love in 2014!


Written by Ron & Alexandra Siegel, Managing Partners of Napa Consultants, International, "the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry." Their blog, the Language of Luxury (LOL), is the most widely read luxury real estate marketing and branding blog on the internet. Click here for more.

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Napa Consultants: Three Tips for Marketing Success in 2014, Part 1

At year-end we attended Luxury Outlook 2014, produced by Luxury Daily. Although the presentation was geared primarily toward the luxury goods industry, we gleaned some exciting insights for luxury real estate marketing professionals that we will share with you in this article series.

We were particularly moved by Wolfgang Shaefer, Global Chief Strategy Officer at SelectNY, who emphasized the importance of telling the story of your brand from three perspectives: stories of SOUL, stories to INSPIRE and stories of LOVE. So, stay tuned as we apply these principles to the art of marketing you in the luxury real estate realm and leveraging your brand to create an outrageously successful 2014.


Written by Ron & Alexandra Siegel, Managing Partners of Napa Consultants, International, "the leader in brand strategy for the luxury real estate industry." Their blog, the Language of Luxury (LOL), is the most widely read luxury real estate marketing and branding blog on the internet. Click here for more.

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Gulf Coast International Properties Affiliates with Bob Melvin



NAPLES, FL (October 21, 2013) – Gulf Coast International Properties (GCIP), the leading boutique, luxury real estate firm in southwest Florida, just announced that they have affiliated with Bob Melvin, formerly of Gasparilla Properties in Boca Grande, FL.  Melvin has been the top-producing real estate agent in the Boca Grande/Cape Haze Peninsula region for the past 20 years, with 1.25 billion dollars in career sales.  He will be the principal and lead Broker/Agent for the GCIP Boca Grande office.  

Locally owned and operated by principals, Michael McCumber and Tim Savage, GCIP takes an unrivaled, teamwork approach to helping clients buy and sell real estate.  This new affiliation will allow GCIP to cross-market their properties in a continual effort to provide the highest level of service to their clients; from Naples to Boca Grande and beyond.

GCIP has two premier locations in Olde Naples, one at 1144 3rd Street South and the other at 707 12th Avenue South.  The new Boca Grande office is located at 411 Park Avenue, Boca Grande.  GCIP is the Regent representative for Naples and Boca Grande for LuxuryRealEstate.com worldwide and they are consistently recognized by Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate.  Visit www.gcipnaples.com and www.gcipbocagrande.com for more information.


For further information please contact:

Patty Line

Gulf Coast International Properties

1144 3rd Street South, Naples, FL 34102

707 12th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102

Phone:  (239) 293-7720

 Email:  patty @gcipnaples.com


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November Featured Home: The Seneca Estate in Great Falls, Va.

Exquisite artistry, quality craftsmanship and a touch of glamour combine in this spectacularly appointed newly built manor home set on .89 lush acres in the pastoral Washington, D.C. suburb of Great Falls, Virginia. No luxurious expense has been spared in this 5-bedroom, 6.5–bath property, sited near the Potomac River yet conveniently close to the quaint shops and fine dining of Great Falls Village. 

The dazzling reception area provides a captivating center to the 12,000 sq. ft. home that envelops guests in an atmosphere of pure elegance and uncommon attention to detail. Gorgeous amenities include the hardwood-clad library with a wall of fossil-stone granite facing handsome built-ins, and a richly paneled drawing room with 11 glass showcases for display of collectibles or fine art.

The superbly appointed gourmet kitchen will delight even the most discriminating chef, while family and guests relax in the adjoining solarium with vaulted bamboo ceiling and French doors which lead to an expansive deck and rear lawns that multiply entertaining possibilities.

Upstairs, the stunning master suite provides a breathtaking haven for relaxation. Features include silk and wool rugs inlaid into Brazilian cherry flooring, an alluring closet room of cedar-lined cabinetry, and the luxurious master bath showcasing a center spa tub, glass-enclosed steam room with stone seating and a separate marble steam shower.

The lower level offers an abundance of leisure activities:  practice swinging at the golf simulator, enjoy refreshments at the mosaic-tiled bar, play a game of billiards or just relax in the spacious recreation room, all outfitted in tastefully fashionable décor and modern hues with the ambiance of a private club.

A spectacular home cinema room, a fifth bedroom with attached spa bath and a Tuscan-style wine cellar and tasting room complete this level.

See http://www.dupontregistry.com/homes/Search/Details.aspx?itemid=1945832 for additional information and photos. Offered for $5.2  million.

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November Featured Home: Unique Equestrian Living in Ocala, Fla.

Ocala, Fla., is a prestigious area for equestrian families or a unique opportunity to own acreage in a desirable location of rolling hills and Southern Oaks. With large metropolitan cities in driving distance, Ocala offers the privacy of your very own estate with conveniences just minutes away. Boasting a variety of golf courses, horseback riding trails and deeply rooted Live Oaks to provide scenery while hiking, biking or riding, Ocala is truly a nature lover's paradise.

This exquisite estate home is listed by Joan Pletcher of Joan Pletcher, Realtor. The nearly 11,000 square foot home exudes casual elegance and is the perfect home for many lifestyles, from those who cherish their privacy to those who want an expansive home for family or entertaining friends. Joan notes its location adds value to the property. It feels extremely exclusive, yet it's close to shopping, the movies and other popular attractions. 

No expense was spared when choosing materials to construct this spacious home.  The master wing overlooks the outdoor infinity pool and spa, and provides his and her closets and bathing areas for added convenience. The home features a theater room with a projection system, both a casual and formal dining room, a butler's pantry, family room with a beverage bar and chef's kitchen with a large seating area.

Views of the lush property can be seen from every room in the house thanks to windows that let in the natural light. This property is also ideal for those who have horses or cattle. Exterior bonuses include a lighted, clay tennis court, a fully equipped guesthouse nestled on a hill in the woods, a secluded bird sanctuary, an equipment building for extra storage, plus an expansive building for parking your motor coach and toys. You can even enjoy fishing at the private crystal clear lakes.

The estate can suit a variety of individuals, and with 49 to 150 acres, the value is unparalleled for its location. Consider a lifestyle of ease and understated luxury in Ocala, and discover what makes this historically equestrian town so desirable.   This is only one of the many fine selections presented by Joan Pletcher.


Visit the listing page for full agent information: http://www.dupontregistry.com/homes/Search/Details.aspx?itemid=1852173

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November Featured Home: Soda Creek Mountain Retreat in Evergreen, Colo.

By Nicole Lauber

There are many mountain getaways, but there are few mountain retreats. Welcome to the Soda Creek Mountain Retreat, a meticulously maintained, Southwestern-styled estate on eight gated and manicured acres in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado.

 “This property is unique because it has all the features a custom homebuyer wants, but rarely finds collectively all in the same property,” says Kerry Endsley, owner of KCH Properties and Realtor with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty. “The Soda Creek Mountain Retreat has privacy, location, indoor and outdoor recreation and equestrian facilities, and is the perfect blend of an entertainment and family home.”

 Located just 30 minutes from Denver and less than one hour from Denver International Airport, this 10,712-finished-square-foot estate is in the perfect location to enjoy gated privacy, while also having the amenities of a big city at your fingertips. Denver boasts high paying jobs in interesting and progressive new fields, endless recreation opportunities, major sports teams, a dynamic young population and beautiful weather year-round. The Soda Creek Mountain Retreat is also less than one hour away from several world-class ski resorts and every imaginable Colorado recreational opportunity.

 Entertainers will delight in the amenities this retreat offers: a 2-story great room with a massive wood-burning fireplace overlooking the indoor pool solarium, a cave grotto hot tub with television and audio, a 600-square-foot fully furnished teepee with a fire pit, a game room, a full bar, a 1,200-bottle wine cellar, a home theater with a 126-inch screen, a whole-house integrated audio-video system, a fully equipped exercise studio and expansive decks and patios that are perfect backdrops for parties and soirees.

Homebuyers looking for their perfect vacation retreat should act fast. “The luxury market in and around Evergreen is recovering nicely now, but still has a choice of unique luxury properties, making it the perfect time to buy,” Kerry says. “The Soda Creek Mountain Retreat is the perfect first or second home, family and entertainment home, and the single best home value in the prestigious Soda Creek Community and north Evergreen.”


This property is offered at $3 million, and cannot be duplicated for less than $5 million. Click here for listing and agent information.

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Dubuque, Iowa

Built on 180+/- of land off of the Mississippi River and within the city that Forbes.com listed as the Best City to Raise a Family, this Dubuque, Iowa log estate has been designed as though it was built by the forest surrounding its crops and open fields. Much of this primitive mansion has been hand-crafted and designed by artists; from the custom light-fixtures to the waterfall in the master bathroom designed to recreate a waterfall from a creek off of one of the many hiking trails on the land. It hosts six large bedrooms along with six bathrooms/ four half baths and six fireplaces scattered around this indoor forest. Natural materials were used as much as possible in the architecture of this home to create the most natural feel possible. Built into the log styled walls and floors you will find Oklahoma stone, this feature is used throughout the entire home and is most impressive on the hand carved fire surround in the large living room. While the home may appear to be old country at a glance, you will find nothing short of top-line quality. The gourmet kitchen is decorated with Durasupreme cabinetry and granite counter tops along with enough appliances to run a restaurant. Sub Zero refrigerators and dual refrigerator drawers, two dishwashers, a six burner Wolf stove, and double oven with griddle are just a few of the things that work together to create what is easily a chef’s dream. Even your office/ library has been touched by Mother Nature herself with hand-carved doors and cherry covered ceilings. On this same floor level you will also find a laundry room with dual washer and dryers, a double sink, and a dog wash station. The floor below continues to impress with a personal exercise room, theater, and hand crafted bar with its own appliances. Outside the home you will find a personal pond along with the river just outside your door. The list of eye-popping amenities in and out of this woodsman’s castle goes on and on seemingly endlessly. The property will be auctioned with J.P. King Auction. For more information contact J. Craig King at (800)-558-5464 or visit http://www.dupontregistry.com/homes/Search/Details.aspx?itemid=1879812.   

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Boca Raton, Florida

Sitting within what is by far, one of the most historic area’s Florida has to offer, this beautiful estate brings meaning to the words “fine living.” Located within Boca Raton’s Floresta area, not a single detail was overlooked in the designing of this dream home. This immaculate estate holds a tropical, yet modern design in the front while transforming the back yard into a personal paradise. The neon lit resort-style spa is Aqualink remote-control activated with six jets and an 18-inch waterfall, which can be viewed through floor to ceiling windows within the two story living room inside. Quality of living is uncompromised in this prestigious five bedroom home providing every room with designer crown molding and 24x24 saturnia marble floors. Every house member is given their own privately designed marble and granite bathrooms in each large bedroom to give every room the feel of a private suite. The kitchen is decorated with designer wood cabinets and stainless steel Thermidore appliances and topped off with genuine marble countertops. Everything you may want or need comes built-in with this ravishing kitchen, from a wine fridge to a built-in coffee machine. This tropical resort styled Florida residence is listed at $2,300,000. For more information contact Harvey Dubov with RE/MAX Services at (561)-542-7355 or visit http://www.dupontregistry.com/homes/Search/Details.aspx?itemid=1879811

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Prado de Azul

Located in Calabasas, California, Prado de Azul is showcase of design excellence, the saying, "No expense was spared" has never been more accurate. Over $6 million was spent refining every last detail of this estate, even down to the 50 year old imported trees. Custom Swarovski crystal chandeliers, the finest Dupioni silk draperies, walnut planked glazed flooring and one of a kind old world painted walls are just a few of the glamorous details. Each room has its own impressive list of attributes. In the kitchen you'll find European antiqued cabinetry and Carina travertine with gold and ivory granite counters. This property also encompasses separate cabana guest quarters and 3 court yards with water features. Its already stunningly beautiful backyard is home to an incredible beach entry infinity pool that overlooks the mountainous landscape, complete with bridges and waterfalls. Prado de Azul maintains a full 6,266 square feet of living space with six bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. As if it didn’t already have enough endearing qualities, this estate is also located in the prestigious guarded gate community 'The Oaks'. It is listed for $4,397,000 unfurnished or $4,697,000 furnished. If you would like to request more information contact Andi Yates of Hurwitz James Company at (310) 456-1776 or visit http://www.hurwitzjamesco.com/property.php?lng=en&id=113.

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Spring Lake, New Jersey

Boasting some of the most sought after properties and lots, Ocean Ave New Jersey is home to some of the most breathtaking estates worldwide. Situated along this iconic road is this Spring Lake, New Jersey estate. To say it holds its own against the neighboring residences would be an understatement. It has an almost Mediterranean feel, present in the architecture and blue tinted roof tiles, but it is also strikingly modern. The aerial view does a fantastic job of capturing its unique architecture, private pool, and spectacular location, all in one vibrant image. The inside is elegant yet clean cut, again combining elegance with a modern contemporary feel. White is a predominant color giving everything a clean edge while allowing the décor and furniture to really stand out.  There's plenty of room for guests with 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms and a total of 4,500 square feet of living space. From every single room residents can enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful New Jersey coastline. This Spring Lake estate is listed for $8,495,000, if you would like to request more information contact Colleen Tobin of Diana Turton Signature Properties at (732) 449-4441 or visit http://www.dupontregistry.com/homes/Search/Details.aspx?itemid=1870630.

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Charlevoix, Michigan Estate

Built entirely around a bout house this Charlevoix, Michigan estate quite literally brings the outdoors inside. The inside of this fully customized boat house is finished in cypress wood. The inside is impressively spacious as it currently houses 30 boats .The front of this magnificent property is completely filled with windows; giving residents the ability to enjoy their lakefront location from each and every room, but some might say the view from the outside in is just as remarkable. The interior is teeming with wood finishes and opulent décor, making this home luxurious yet comfortable. The lower level houses a sunken bar which overlooks the boat house, blending seamlessly with identical cypress wood finishes. Also located on this level is a world class game room. The home itself, aside from being luxurious, is also spacious, spanning a full 10,437 square feet. Contained within are 5 bedrooms, 7 full and 4 half bathrooms. There is certainly no shortage of space. Whether you choose to call this estate your home, or simply want it to be a summer getaway , this estate is truly the perfect lake house. It is currently listed at $6,990,000, is you would like to request more information simply contact Pat O'Brien of Pat O'Brien and Associates at (231) 675-6677 or visit www.dupontregistry.com/homes/Search/Details.aspx?itemid=1831092

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