Andie MacDowell’s Estate For Sale

Andie MacDowell’s Estate

This Tudor Style home is the beautiful Andie MacDowell’s. The stunning actress that exploded on the screen in the 80’s has put her Asheville, North Carolina home on the market for 4.9M.

Ms. MacDowell worked with architect Robert Griffin and his design partner Ron Clemmer to design her home since they had worked on several homes in the neighborhood.  The home was inspired by a photograph her daughter picked out of the Chateau de Angerville in France that was built in the 1920’s. The home having the Tudor elements Andie wanted, but needed a romantic feminine twist and that is just what Griffin provided. Griffin’s use of abundant windows brightens the interior spaces and softens the façade connecting the exterior space as an essential element to the overall design of the house. Without his use of windows the home might have been to dark and gloomy because of the dark paneled wood used to reflect the architectural period they were trying to emulate.

The luxury estate truly gives me the feel of a storybook castle. The romantic ambiance flows from the landscape resembling an English garden to walking inside the front door made of stained-glass paneled with shamrocks.

What makes the home a luxury home is that it effortlessly flows from cozy living space to formal entertaining area. The kitchen a natural gathering place for any family has a six burner Viking range, impressive countertops and a large island that was custom designed by Griffin, but could easily be turned into an area to cater a larger crowd. One feature that is not found in modern homes is a butler pantry, but in this home you find one. It is a needed room to separate your kitchen from the formal dining room. Not only great for everyday storage, but when you’re entertaining you don’t want your guests to see your place a mess.

Also, this home is able to blend interior and exterior space. The great room opens to the back terrace. The back terrace not only has views of a plush golf course, but an enchanting dining enclave that has beautiful wrought iron detailing by a local artist. The exterior doesn’t feel like you are outside just an extension of the inside.

The four-story home has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms, but what I find most impressive is the master suite. Actually now that I think about it this masterpiece of a bedroom should be called a bedchamber. It features a tiled fireplace, a dressing room with a walk in closet , an adjoining master bathroom. The coolest part of all is the room all girl want…the tower room. The tower room is the master’s secret retreat to get away from it all and melt the stress away.

This home inspired by a French Chateau is elegantly comfortable it is truly sophisticated, stylish and best of all practical luxury.

This home is listed on duPont REGISTRY for 4.9M by Jo Chandler of Preferred Properties, Inc.

See more Photos.

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Vancouver's Green Luxury Real Estate After Olympics

Greenest Neighborhood in the World

What is going to happen to Olympic Village once the medals are handed out? Millennium Waters is what it will become. The best part is that people will be able to buy this green luxury real estate in Vancouver.

If you buy this Condo on Vancouver’s Southeast False Lake bank you not only can brag to all your friends you are living in what was once Olympic Village, but you are you living in the Greenest Neighborhood in the World! This neighborhood was just awarded the LEED Platinum Certification for the entire neighborhood and the Gold status as well. Only one other neighborhood in North America holds that title.

The construction on the village started with green building and features in mind. The condos some of most innovative green living features. From the materials that they used in construction to appliances in the condo that resident will be using every day.

The building material is all natural and non-toxic and the resident can monitor their energy and water use.  Water use is cut back dramatically compared to other homes because of rainwater being used to flush the toilets. The renewable energy system, like solar panels and solar water systems generate power for the home. Meaning more money in your pocket and not being sent to the utility company. This site even has a net-zero energy building on the site.

The neighborhood is a true mixed-use complex with both residential as well as commercial. If you bought a condo in Millennium Waters you would be setting the bar for eco-friendly developments.



The Keys of St. Lucia-- Bringing the Beach to the Peach

Growing up in the South, one learns to appreciate and cherish the South’s way of life. Yet just because we prefer the southern lifestyle, does not mean we cannot appreciate what lies beyond our borders. For instance, the South does not have many places resting on the waters’ edge—unless you count Florida, and most people only consider Florida a southern state when they are referring to its location on a map. But we, southerners, enjoy the beach just as much as the next person—the palm trees swaying in the breeze, the sound of waves crashing on the beach coming through your window, the feel of sand between your toes and the warmth of the sun shining down on you.

And the Keys at St. Lucia has found a way to bring the peace and tranquility that only comes from being at the beach to the peach of the South—Georgia. The builders of the Keys at St. Lucia, a neighborhood in Rockdale County, offer a level of prestige and exclusivity new to the area. The feeling of luxury and resort living is the focus. In phase one of development the community will feature 31 client-commissioned homes on 50 picturesque acres. These elaborate homes will have optional “Backyard Paradises” created, interior design services and concierge services. A covenant will also be in place to protect property values and address individual concerns.

The Keys at St. Lucia might not have waves crashing in the distance, but it will have water cascading down the rocks. Nor will it have views of the beach and ocean outside your window, but it will have exquisite estates overlooking the lake with palm trees all around. The best part about the Keys at St. Lucia is it is bringing paradise to paradise—the tropics to the South.

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A little know fact about the duPont REGISTRY - Custom Covers

Did you know the version of the duPont REGISTRY A Buyers Gallery of Fine Homes you are holding may not be the same version a football player from the Denver Broncos is holding, or a Baseball player from the Florida Marlins is looking through? When looking through the inside, everything appears the same - the difference lies on the cover. If a Luxury Realtor asks, the duPont REGISTRY can produce a magazine with their own four custom covers, the front, inside front cover, back cover, and back inside cover.

What started in 2005 has blossomed into a way for Luxury Realtors to hit 1,000, 2,000, or 3,000 of the wealthiest homes and people in their market. "In Denver, Gary Lohrman sends his magazines to the Broncos, Avalanche, Rockies, and Nuggets," says duPont REGISTRY Homes President Sheri Norris. "We are able to take 1,000 magazines, put his cover on it, then deliver them straight to the source, in this case all four professional sports franchises."

Gary Lohrman's custom cover on it's way to the press

"Their is success when people recognize the featured Luxury Realtor as the top of their market," says Marty Binder, Vice President of duPont REGISTRY Homes. "All custom covers have to be approved by the publisher, Tom duPont, before they are printed. Very few homes receive the distinction of being 'duPont REGISTRY Cover Worthy'. We've probably sold 20 of these custom covers over the past 5 years, and now it is becoming more in demand."

Gary Lohrman can be seen each month on the duPont REGISTRY in the Denver area. See his listings and his website.


About Jon Chapman:

I am a “Social Marketing Guru” at the duPont REGISTRY. I study the trends and growth of what is popular now, and what will be popular in the future. I also handle the duPont REGISTRY Facebook(Fan!) and Twitter(Follow!) accounts. I love fishing and the outdoors. I have played sports my entire life, so love a good sports talk. If I could live anywhere, it would be on the water, with a boat ready to go fishing at any time. You’ll find me blogging about the trending topics in Social Media and Luxury Real Estate. You can find me on Facebook or My Website. Feel free to email me

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Geodesic Luxury Home Flagler Beach

Geodesic Dome Luxury Home Flagler Beach

This geodesic luxury home on duPont REGISTRY is listed by Suzanne Mathis from Atlantic Ocean Realty is such a great catch.

This luxury home sits on 3 acres of beach front, an amazing view from any of the 6 bedrooms. It is a perfect location for the fit at heart. The opportunities abound you to stay in shape either on the beach or on the water. I know I would be motivated to go for a run with a beach calling me every morning. This luxury property also has the canal running behind it great for kayaking especially since it leads out to the intercoastal water ways. Also, this luxury property has a state of the art work out facility.

Flagler Beach is a small coastal town nestled on the north east coast of Florida only a half hour away from Daytona and an hour from the historical city of St.Augustine.  This beautiful little beach town is a great place to live and a perfect location to vacation, but one think to keep in mind is hurricane season. Florida in general is a great state to live in, but with hurricane season lasting for over six months you have to do your research before investing in a property.

Flagler beach has been lucky this past hurricane season, but it hasn’t been so lucky in the past. High speed winds have caused major damage to this small down.  In 2004 Hurricane Francis blew through with 85 mile an hour winds and so did Hurricane Frances. Hurricane Frances with its winds washed away the 140 foot wood pier that was one of Flagler Beach’s favorite spot for tourist.

With knowing this about Flagler Beach if you were to buy real estate wouldn’t you want to make sure that it can withstand Mother Nature? I know I would. That is why this geodesic dome luxury home is such a great deal. 

Geodesic dome homes are a great investment when it comes to Mother Nature because it is the safest shelter when a storm hits. The structure is built to with stand high wind speeds and ground protection that occur during hurricanes. The reason why it can withstand high wind speeds is due to the structure being aerodynamic in its spherical shape designed by Fuller R. Buckminster Fuller. A geodesic domes aerodynamic shape offers the best above ground protection against winds from any direction, allowing gale force winds to slip past it. A dome has even distribution of weight and a low center of gravity with no foundation. You ask why is having no foundation a good thing. Well, with water surrounding this property you don’t have to worry about flooding, which is big concern when living on the water.

Not only is this luxury home beautiful, but it’s safe to boot.

This luxury home is listed for $1,595,000.

Check out more photos.


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Shaun White's House on MTV Cribs

Shaun White

Everybody loves a hero. Everybody loves watching the best perform with perfection. After watching Shaun White soar to gold once again at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, it sparked a memory I had of seeing his home on an episode of MTV’s Cribs (a great show, which usually stops my channel surfing). After much Google searching, I found the video I was looking for, and thought I would share it with everyone. It is a much younger Shaun White, not quite to his age of 23 now. I’ve taken a few screenshots and included them below to give a preview. This episode is of “Top 10 Teen Celeb Cribs” with Shaun White’s House coming in at Number 10, so you’ll have to fast forward a little bit to see just him. He lives a pretty normal house, with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and I’m sure more Trophies now to go along with his ESPY. This house in located in California, is two stories, has a normal kitchen, bedrooms, and spectacular backyard.

Check out the video. MTV Teen Cribs Top 10

Thank you Shaun White, for giving me the belief I can do a 1080 and flip twice going down a half pipe (on your video game, that is.)


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Lazy Heron, Palm Island Luxury Real Estate low-key Amibiance

Palm Island low-key ambiance, pristine nature... By Elyse Umlauf-Garneau

Imagine escaping to your own island getaway where privacy is ensured, amenities abound and life becomes yours again….

Welcome to a world all your own.

Nestled in the seclusion of Florida’s Palm Island lies “Lazy Heron”—one of the region’s most pristine estates. Situated on the highest elevation on the island, with spectacular ocean sunset and sunrise views, this estate boosts two and one-half acres of exclusive bayfront privacy. A deep-water boat basin, that can accommodate vessels up to forty feet, provides easy access to ocean sailing and private entertaining. Access to the island is restricted by private boat or car ferry assuring added privacy for residents.

No detail has been overlooked to create this tropical oasis. The estate residence is located in Hidden Cove Estates and features 8,200 square feet of living space. Exquisite interior details include: custom Jerusalem Limestone and natural granite, Murano glass lighting, Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, custom woodwork and cabinetry, Phillippine shell detailing, coral fireplace and columns, and panoramic island views from all three levels of the home. Extensive landscaping by Hazeltine has carefully preserved the property’s natural flora and old growth trees lending to the estate’s sense of blending into its natural environment.

“I wanted to make sure that nature was respected and preserved when I designed the layout of the property,” says owner Ray Bates. Mangroves, a Ficus tree, exotic flowers, and nearly 200 Cabbage palms remain on the property. Bates wanted to create a tropical paradise that offered a welcome respite from today’s frantic pace as well as a perfect location for private entertaining. Her fine eye for detail spared nothing in the home and property’s design.

“This is a perfect place to escape and feel that that world is a million miles away—even though the mainland is only four minutes away,” says Bates. A custom lagoon-style saltwater pool and hot tub spa are graced with lava rock and waterfalls. A Tiki hut built by local Indians and permanently placed gas Tiki torches create a sense of Pacific island getaway. Mist systems and mosquito-nix systems allow you to enjoy the outdoors in ease. Strategically placed balconies offer outstanding views of the island, ocean and sky.

The residence was placed to allow room for expansion—there is land to build another house, two guest homes and a helipad on the property.

“Palm Island living is about enjoying the privacy and escape that you deserve and treasure in your lifestyle,” says Bates. “The island’s resort will cater your parties and there are boats to ferry late-night guests to the mainland. A private golf course and airport are within five minutes and the whole island is designed to provide you the maximum freedom with ultimate privacy.”

“This is one of the most unique private residences in this region,” says Tom Wagner, listing broker at REMAX Alliance Group. “You just don’t find a complete package like this. This property is heaven for someone looking for a private place to relax and really enjoy life.”

View the Listing of Lazy Heron

View Other Tom Wagner Listings

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Big Canoe - Georgia's Secret Piece of Luxury Real Estate

Each weekday, shortly after 6:00 p.m., Melinda Wesseling drives under the covered bridge at the entrance of Big Canoe heading to her home, a sanctuary in the mountains an hour north of Atlanta. As she traverses the curvy roads flecked with leaves and lined by tall trees and vividly colored foliage, she feels her body loosen, her breathing ease. She has spent the day teaching elementary schoolers in the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, then gone to exercise class or done some shopping. And now she’s home. “Once I pull in, it feels like I’m on vacation,” she says. “It’s such a calm place. It feels like I’m getting the best of both worlds: the faster pace of Roswell and Atlanta, and then a refuge in Big Canoe.” Melinda and her husband David moved full-time to Big Canoe last August, after sending their youngest child to college.

They like to hike on the community’s twenty-two miles of trails. David makes good use of Big Canoe’s championship golf course carved into the mountains. They joined a dinner club and usually drop in on the weekly cocktail party held in their neighborhood called Wildcat. But sometimes they merely take advantage of the solitude. Big Canoe’s homes are designed to meld into their natural surroundings, without the cookie-cutter lawns so prevalent in the suburban tableau. Does David miss the mower he left at the couple’s former home in Roswell? “No,” Melinda says with a laugh. “He likes getting out and piddling but he likes knowing he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to.” Since its inception in the early 1970s, Big Canoe has evolved into one of America’s more unique gated communities: 8,000-plus acres spread over two counties. Seven mountaintops. Eighty miles of paved road. Some 2,500 homes, ranging from the $300s to $3-million-plus (and plenty of land to build new ones).

Amenities include three lakes (one stocked for fishing), a huge state-of-the-art fitness center, a man-made beach, lush community pools, tennis courts outside and in, and a new club that serves terrific meals. Perhaps Big Canoe’s most unique feature is its sheer volume of green space—more than 2,000 acres of it. “For years and years our surveys have asked, ‘What’s most important to you?’ and the No. 1 answer has been the natural beauty,” says marketing director Ann Young. And remember, this lush oasis is within easy driving distance of Atlanta’s arts, culture, and commerce. And as the greater Atlanta metro expands northward, that of course only puts Big Canoe in closer proximity. The diverse Big Canoe community includes everyone from retirees to 200 school-aged children. Many primary residents commute part- or full-time, while others use Big Canoe as a weekend getaway.

There have been a few bumps along the road to Big Canoe becoming a rustic paradise. Founded in 1972, it flourished for a time mostly as a second home community. After four years and the difficulty with the oil crunch, it ended up in the hands of major banks, which ran it for more than a decade. During this period, Big Canoe’s reputation in the region suffered. In the mid-1980s, along came Bill Byrne, a transplanted New Jersey-ite who had worked at Hilton Head as well as several mountain properties in the Northeast. One look around and he was enchanted. “I thought to myself ‘If we can’t get this thing going, just shoot me,’” he says in his Big Canoe office. He made steady inroads and by 1996 had finally gotten things moving in the right direction. In 1997, Byrne teamed with Greenwood Communities and Resorts to form Big Canoe Company LLC.

He remains the managing partner. Given the state of the housing market, Big Canoe home starts and home sales are not as brisk as we would like, Byrne says, but adds, “I still have a healthy feeling about real estate in this area. Are we making sales? Yes. Are we doing well? It could be better. And yet I’m thankful that Big Canoe is still viable and its reputation positive. More than anything it’s a great place to live. Importantly, there has never been a better time to acquire property in Big Canoe with attractive prices, great selections and low interest rates. And as the national economic outlook improves, Big Canoe can expect its growth and reputation to be enhanced even further. With baby-boomers looking at a future that involves hiking trails more than rocking chairs, and people seeking serenity to balance the hustle-bustle, the community offers an ideal quality of life solution. Byrne sums it up: “Based on our understanding of what people are looking for, I think we’re in a perfect location and we’re perfectly positioned. We are a most attractive choice.”

Georgia Luxury Real Estate

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Crantzdorf Castle Johnson City, Tennessee Royalty

Thoughts of fairy tales and happily ever after, spring to mind upon arriving at the  luxurious Crantzdorf Castle in the land of East Tennessee. Reminiscent of a medieval castle and modeled after the “Palacio dela Magdalena” in Spain, this enchanting estate is unrivaled in its craftsmanship and originality. “It’s really a unique home, and there’s a lot of detail in the house,” says Winston Johnson, broker and owner of LUX Mountain Realty, LLC. “It’s an exceptional house.”

The 20,000-square-foot home boasts nine bedrooms, ten-full bathrooms, three-half baths, private maid’s quarters including a kitchen, four-car garage, indoor basketball court, and luxurious home theater. Theo Kalomirakis, who is referred to as the “Father of Home Theater” and the “Home Theater King,” designed this state-of-the-art theater. Also located within the 13 acres of gated property on Boone Lake are a boathouse, gazebo, large pool, and sixteenth scale racetrack of Bristol Motor Speedway including night racing with Italian racecars.

“There is no other home like this home,” says Steve Grindstaff, owner of Crantzdorf Castle. “It all has great features.” European craftsmen and architects spent more than ten years creating this captivating castle with its soaring ceilings, stained glass, Italian marble floors, and luxury hand-cast moldings. “The ceilings were all hand carved by two craftsmen from Greece,” Grindstaff says. “They worked on them only for three-and-a-half years.” From the Italian foundation to the original Napoleon bed, the luxury house is rich in antiques from top to bottom. "We searched Red Baron's in Atlanta and private auctions to choose every piece of artwork, furniture, and upholstery to fit the theme of every room,” says Ashley Grindstaff, wife and homeowner. “Our castle is different from other cold and dull castles. Our castle is a warm and inviting home. Decorating is my passion. I enjoyed the hunt to find the right pieces to make our castle colorful. When you walk through our 22-foot tall front doors, from the Music Conservatory in Paris, France, you know you have walked into a home built and decorated with love." Although the luxury property has more than enough amenities to keep anyone enthralled, if venturing beyond the property is on the agenda, the estate is within minutes of shopping, entertainment, arts and crafts, excellent healthcare, outdoor activities, and the airport. “You’re within 45 minutes of the ski slopes,” Grindstaff says. “You’re on a lake. You’re secluded but still in the mix.” Having entertained more than 700 guests at one time, this luxury home is perfect as a corporate property as well as a single-family residence Johnson says. “It’s just a one-of-a-kind, beautiful property with a great view and location.” Offered at $19,500,000. View the luxury listing here.

View this home on the cover of the duPont REGISTRY virtual magazine here.

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Andersonville, Georgia Luxury Real Estate offered by Luxury Real Estate Auction Company True Blue Auctions

This Elegant Luxury Real Estate is within 150 miles of Atlanta Georgia off route 75 near National Historic Site of the Civil War Village of Andersonville near Americus Georgia is being offered by True Blue Auctions.

Andersonville Georgia AuctionLuxury Mansion

On Old Andersonville Road a Luxury Real Estate Mansion on private secluded 60+ acres of luxury real estate will be offered at auction on March 6, 2010 at 12 Noon.

In this private gated property you can settle comfortably in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle and still be in reach of the commercial services and not too far from attending an event in Atlanta.

Georgia Deer

This luxury home is crafted to provide elegance for all occasions. The attention to details with the natural flow of the rooms is unlike any other luxury home. The entrance to this luxury home greets you with a magnificent luxury setting.

Luxury Gate Luxury Staircase

Rooms to the right and left provide the setting of your choosing.

Luxury Entrance

The room to the left leads to a fine finished room that can be used as a library

The home is filled with large historic paintings of the civil war era.

Civil War Painting

The foyer enters to a luxurious and spacious great room with fireplace.

Which leads thru to a large finished deck with hot tub and in ground swimming pool and an additional hot tub near the pool…

This luxury mansion features a large basement complete with gym, sauna, walk in shower, a large room with two fireplaces and bar for entertaining.

Luxury Bar Luxury Gym

The master bedroom is absolute luxury with large walk in closets, master bath with hot tub, walk-in showers and bidet.

Luxury bedroom 

The second and third floors of this luxury mansion feature large bedrooms and baths. The rooms are spacious and can be used for any number of purposes.

Luxury Stairs Luxury Gameroom Luxury Bedroom

The luxury kitchen makes entertaining an ease with all the conveniences of this state of the art kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen

For more information, check the listing.

The pictures and video on do no justice to this luxury real estate mansion. Be sure to come out and view this spectacular luxury mansion to be sold at our real estate auction. Our open house date is February 27 and the auction the following weekend on March 6. RSVP is requested. Contact today at or by phone at toll-free 866-526-9734.

True Blue Auctions is committed to excellence in providing the highest quality luxury real estate services throughout the United States. No other luxury real estate company can compare to the special and dedicated treatment our clients receive in helping them reach their goals. Where else will you find a luxury real estate resolution that does not charge any commission to the seller? True Blue Auctions is faith in action. Let them make certain your hope by faith through grace today.

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Agent Profile - Atlanta Luxury Real Estate Agent Alexis Day

Atlanta - why not own a part of it's Luxury Real Estate? Cited by numerous surveys for its superb "Quality of Life" and meriting it's status as one of the worlds greatest cities, Atlanta offers a diversity of neighborhoods, home styles and living environments.

If you are looking to purchase a new luxury home or sell your current residence in Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta or surrounding areas, contact Luxury Home Specialist Alexis Day. Alexis is the Founder of the luxury real estate group Dynasty Premier Properties & Estates at Keller Williams Realty in Buckhead. Alexis and her team of luxury lifestyle experts have expertise on the buying habits and expectations of the affluent. Alexis Day consistently delivers valuable guidance to her clients.

No matter what your luxury real estate needs are, Alexis Day and her group will guide you successfully in reaching your luxury home selling and purchasing goals. Alexis' broad band of nationwide and international luxury Realtor relationships ensures her clients are matched with preferred luxury properties from coast to coast and abroad for their seasonal real estate needs.

Alexis's efficiency, knowledge and her strict cloak of confidentiality is why her clients choose to make her an integral part of their luxury real estate transactions. Contact Alexis Day and see What a Difference A. Day makes.

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Washington DC Luxury Home

Washington DC Luxury Home

Last but not least on the Forbes and Mercer top 10 most expensive cities to live in the United States is Washington DC. Washington is such an amazing city being the capital of the country. I have had several opportunities to visit. I am a bit of a history dork and love the national museums. When you walk around the capital district you not only get to see all the memorials, but the vision of architectural splendor.

DC is considered a planned city. The city lay out was designed Pierre “Peter” Charles L’Enfant, a French born architect, engineer, and city planner that first arrived in the colonies during the American Revolutionary War. He is the one to thank for the grand area called the National Mall. It does not surprise me at all the Washington DC is on the list of the top 10 most expensive cities to live in the United States at all. If you think about it being the capital of the country this city holds so many important builds and organizations that have to exist for the country to be able to function. Not only is it home to the President, but his entire cabinet and all the organizations that support them. I personally wouldn’t live in DC unless my office was the shape of on oval if you get what I am saying.

Looking at duPont REGISTRY I see that there are several amazing suburbs that surround the capital district and I think that I would pick a place outside of the city to live. Looking around I found a home that I just adore. I have been lucky enough to have stayed in the town of Alexandria Virginia before. The down of Alexandria is just a hop skip and jump away from the DC nestled on the opposite bank of the Potomac River.

This luxury home, listed by Penny Yerks on duPont REGISTRY, is a wonderful example of colonial structural design.


With its red brick exterior tiered with thick white modeling to complete this 5 floor masterpiece. Don’t let this fool you though being one of Alexandria’s Old Townlargest historic townhomes doesn’t mean you won’t be living in modern luxury. This townhomes with approximately 7,400 square feet of completely renovated interior space blending fine original detail with modern amenities. It contains beautiful moldings, pine flooring, a truly gourmet kitchen, luxurious spaces, master suite and large additional bedroom loft with exposed beams and a full bath. You can practically see the river from this luxury home or you can walk out onto your landscaped patio to enjoy the outdoors.

One of main reasons why I picked this suburb out is Old Town district. This pedestrian friendly town known for its beautiful concentrated area with high-end boutiques, fine restaurants, antique shops and theaters on the river is just breathtaking. Not only is it a great place to live, but to visit. Alexandria was picked by as the number 1 most romantic city based off of its compiled sales data from romance novels, sex and relationship books, romantic comedy DVDs, Barry White CDs and sexual wellnesss products since January 1, 2010. How funny is that? So if I can’t live in the White House I would pick this amazing townhouse to live in right outside of DC.

This luxury home is listed for $6,400,00

For More Photos.

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Luxury Real Estate Agents - Do you have an interest in blogging?

Here at the duPont REGISTRY we are fully embracing the Social Media Revolution. With such new avenues of open contact (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) and internet marketing, people wonder how they can become part of it, but don't know where to start. For the Luxury Real Estate Agent, we know your time is valuable and exposure is essential. We can help with both. With our integrated web and print strategies, we have the ability to expose your listings and personality on many fronts. The ability and branding that you get when people search your local luxury market on Google, and your name pops up first, is something we want to help with.

What we are looking for is Luxury Real Estate Agents around the country to give us snapshots of your area. How is the market doing? How have prices been affected for Luxury Real Estate? What areas are hot for buyers? What listings do you have that are great deals and ready to sell? We can provide you with the exposure needed to get properties in front of buyers.


So how do you make this happen? Well, you can start by emailing me, Jon Chapman, at, and tell me you express interest in the field of guest blogging. If you wish to guest blog with an article of your local market, we'll provide you with a guest account on this Luxury Real Estate Blog, and guide you through the steps of succesfully writing and editing a blog. This will allow you to keep the internet market up to date on your area, and the power of the duPont REGISTRY name will help you with Search Engine Optimization on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.


The 9th most expensive city to live in the United States according to Forbes and Mercer research is Houston, Texas.

Houston being considered a beta world city doesn’t surprise me that it is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. Houston's economy has a broad industrial base in the energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation, and health care sectors and is a leading center for building oilfield equipment; only New York City is home to more Fortune 500 headquarters in the city limits. Being a beta world city rich with history and the Port of Houston being the ranked first in the United States in international waterborne tonnage handled it does not surprise me at all that this city is on the top 10 list.

This Houston luxury home definitely fits the good old saying everything is bigger in Texas. This home on duPont REGISTRY is gem in the big city.

This country club living luxury home has a marvelous panoramic lake view that sits on the golf course.

You can enjoy the great Texas weather with its beautiful courtyard, fireplace entry, and a luxury pool that is heated with a rock waterfall.


The first floor of this home has wood floors throughout expect for the bedrooms. The bedrooms are large and spacious with five in total with quarters making your space private and comforting for you or a guest.This luxury home has a great floor plan that features a library, a wine grotto and a media room for you to relax after a long day of work. Or you can turn your library into a home office to work from home on days that the office just won’t do.

This luxury home is listed at $1,249,000.

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Posted on: 2/10/2010 at 4:43 PM
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Kennett Square Luxury Real Estate offered by Luxury Real Estate Agent Marsha Avery

Luxury Real Estate in Kennett Square offered by Luxury Real Estate Agent Marsha Avery

The Hamlet sub-division offers 9 Luxury Real Estate home sites on a private luxury cul-de-sac in prestigious Chester County, Pennsylvania – home of the world renowned botanical paradise of Longwood Gardens.

In the Hamlet, you are ensconced in nature and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world yet only one mile from full commercial services, and only minutes to West Chester and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Wilmington, Delaware – home of tax free shopping. 

The Big Apple is but 1 ½ hours away by train putting Broadway shows and the glamour of New York City in your back yard. What else could you ask for in Luxury Real Estate?

Each Luxury Home is a custom crafted by Avery Homes to provide intimate elegance.  Avery Homes stands heads above all other custom builders because it is owned and operated by a female.  Attention to details, colors, size and flow of rooms etc. through a woman’s eyes cannot be mimicked by male builders.

 The Madeleine, named after the owner’s granddaughter, reflects the sparkle, brilliance, mystery and promise of the child with an overall circular motif – The Circle of Life – highlighted by special circular ceiling effects and doors. 

Entrance to the luxury home is via a magnificent luxury stone arched portico, and there is both a luxury private courtyard off the portico and a two- level stone deck with custom wrought iron railings on the rear to allow the enjoyment of the countryside day and night.  The first floor has a grand foyer with luxurious Swarovski crystal chandelier, a state-of-the-art kitchen, breakfast room, dining room, butler’s pantry, great room with custom built-ins, study with huge arched window and built-ins, guest bedroom suite, laundry room/mudroom and master bedroom wing.

The second floor has a loft overlooking the foyer, three large bedrooms with separate luxury baths and walk-in closets and a second laundry room.  Bathrooms throughout are decked out with natural stone floors and granite tops.  All floors are quarter sawn white oak, hickory or natural stone.  The third floor of the Madeleine is a thousand square foot apartment with full eat-in kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Finally you wind down circular stairs to the 3400 square foot finished play land at lower level which includes an exercise room, full bath, 6 person sauna, pool table and card table spaces, lounge to outside, and social arena by a floor- to- ceiling stone fireplace.  You may exit this area to the storage room with garage door built under the decks above or go through the interior arch to the Man Cave. 

The Man Cave includes a full service bar, 800 bottle climate controlled wine room, large lounge area and home theater.  Other luxury features of the home include central music piped to both the patio and deck as well as inside, geo-thermal heating and cooling, central vac, upscale appliances/fixtures and an elevator that travels all floors. 


A piece of Luxury Real Estate Priced to sell at $2,345,000 and immediate possession.
Marsha Avery, Luxury Real Estate Agent,
Avery Homes, LLC
Kennett Square Luxury Real Estate

View the listing here

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