Celebrity car Past Issues

A gleaming white Mercedes Benz SL500, with matching 20-inch Asanti rims, luxuriates in Dave Batistaís driveway, hardly ever driven. Thatís because the star wrestler can barely fit his six-five, 290-pound body into the cockpit. Why, one might wonder, does Batista own such an extravagant vehicle when he canít shoehorn his massive, freakishly muscular frame into it?
ďI originally bought that for my wife,Ē he says of the Benz.

Batista is on the road wrestling so much that none of his four cars have stressed odometers. His main driving machine is a ridiculously tricked-out Hummer H2. Itís sleeker than most H2s, thanks to a McGaughys lowering kit. A Strut Zambezi grille collection nicely accents the shiny white exterior (matched by a white leather interior). Asanti 26-inch wheels add just the right amount of bling. Then thereís the sound system, with four 1,000-watt Alpine amps and eight Kicker subs built into a custom box in the back.

Batista bought his first upscale car a few years ago, and still owns it: a black 2003 BMW 745Li.
ďI got it cause it was so roomy,Ē he says, ďeven though itís not that huge on the outside. Iím attached to it now. I havenít had anything major done to it. It has really nice rims, Asanti [22-inch] with black centers. The cool thing about the rims is that they have a six-inch deep-dish lip, which is not real common. I have the Strut grille package. I shaved off the BMW emblems, and had Strut put on it. People ask me all the time what kind of car it is.Ē