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AMS claims title of world's most powerful and quickest Nissan GT-R

Automotosports Performance of Chicago, Illinois, says it builds the world’s most powerful and quickest Nissan GT-Rs and its latest development, the Alpha 12 package, will only solidify its claim. Pushing the envelope is what AMS seems to do best and, in this case, it is pushing it to ridiculous levels. After finding a new way to reinforce the GT-R’s engine block, the technicians at AMS decided a day of testing was needed. Despite picking a hot and humid day, the Alpha 12 was able to procure some astonishing numbers. At the dynamometer, the Alpha 12 created an amazing 1,309 hp and 995 lb-ft of torque at the wheels while pushing 35 psi of boost. From there, AMS moved the car to the track where it consistently ran through the quarter mile in nine seconds and at speeds above 160 mph. Its fastest time was 9.05 seconds at 166.66 mph, 0.5 of a second faster than a record it set with this Alpha 10 package. Even the Hennessey GTR800 and GReddy SPE1000 fall short of both the Alpha 10 and Alpha 12.

AMS offers a couple different street-legal and completely drivable packages for the Nissan GT-R. Most are satisfied with its least expensive and least powerful offering: the $8,000 Alpha 6. It extracts another 120 hp from Nissan’s motor without forced induction; AMS says it has witnessed 10-second quarter-mile runs on 93-octane with its Alpha 6 package. Alpha 6 is also a gateway to its more powerful forced-induction upgrades. The mid-level Alpha 9 creates 900-plus hp and is good for nine-second quarter miles on pump gas and drag radials. It also costs $24,000. But that’s a bargain compared to its soon-to-be-replaced top-dog offering: the Alpha 10 costs $64,000 and ensures 1,100-plus hp and nine-second quarter-mile times. AMS did not specify when the Alpha 12 package will become available or how much it will cost. We anticipate it first wants to put it through a few more rounds of testing, probably with some better weather, and maybe resulting in some new GT-R records.

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Posted by: Benjamin Greene
Posted on: 7/22/2011 at 7:43 AM
Categories: Nissan
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