Celebrity car Past Issues

Hear the name Bebe and images of celebrities like Eva Longoria, Mischa Barton, or Rebecca Romijn dressed in trendy female clothing flash across your mindís eye. Not a bad vision, by any means, for the womenís apparel retailer. But certain faces have remained in the background, notably those of the family members behind the Bebe brand. And as it turns out, the Mashouf brothers, Paul and Karim, are not only passionate about their business, but also, each in his own way, about cars. And like Bebe clothing, their lineup of cars is hip, sporty, sensual, and sophisticated.

It is more than evident when you seeóand hearóhis daily drivers that Paul Mashouf is the most hardcore car enthusiast in the family. While Karim cruises Hollywood in a cream-colored Bentley Continental GT that he customized, Paul prefers to either wheel his way through Los Angeles traffic in a modified, carbon-fiber-clothed 2006 Lotus Eliseóor scare it out of his path with an evil-sounding, mean-spirited 2001 Dodge Viper ACR coupe.

Karim is the one in the family that likes his cars tricked out. But there is one car in the Mashouf stable that Karim feels he cannot improve, and that is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. ďI love this car because they have managed to make it extremely driver friendly in L.A., with balls-to-the-wall power. When you want it to be a Mercedes, itís a Mercedes. When you hit the gas, itís a McLaren. There are cars out there that, dollar for dollar, would perform better on the racetrack, but I donít live on a racetrack,Ē says Karim.