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Impatient Porsche drives into wet cement

Porsche 911 stuck in cement

The driver of a late-model Porsche 911 cutting through a construction zone to avoid traffic became stuck in wet cement in San Francisco, California, last Thursday, forcing the onsite construction crew to dig his car out. The unidentified, impatient male driver stayed in his $90,000 sports car as construction workers raced to free it from the curing roadway. He reportedly waited in the car to keep the cement from getting inside, although we wonder if it was just to avoid any heckling.

If he is trying to avoid any embarrassment stemming from his actions, he may want to stay away from Yahoo! news, which has some hilarious comments concerning this news story, including “it is quite obvious that some village is most certainly missing its idiot,” “we have concrete evidence that he did it,” “he's the reason why the phrase 'epic fail' was coined,” and, our personal favorite: “they say that driving a Porsche is like becoming one with the road.”

Porsche 911 stuck in cement

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Posted by: Benjamin Greene
Posted on: 2/20/2012 at 9:57 AM
Categories: Porsche
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