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Utah man wrecks Lamborghini hours after winning it

David Dopp Lambo Winner

David Dopp—a Frito-Lay truck driver, resident of the small town of Santaquin in Utah, and father of five—won big, or so he thought.

Last week, a “Joe Schmo to Lambo” contest sponsored by Maverik convenience stores and Teamgive, a not-for-profit organization, declared David Dopp the winner of an eye-popping lime-green 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster, estimated to be worth more than $350,000. In addition to the sports car, Dopp also won driving lesson worth $5,000.

Unfortunately, Dopp, crashing the Italian exotic mere hours after taking delivery on Saturday, may no longer need those lessons.

This story starts when Dopp was first given the keys to his new 632-hp ride. According to a message Dopp posted on Facebook before the crash, Santaquin Police contacted him because residents were complaining that he was driving too fast. Then, approximately six hours after Dopp acquired the Lamborghini, the police were called again, but this time because Dopp had crashed the car.

David Dopp Lambo winner

As Dopp told police, he was coming around a corner, hit a patch of black ice or gravel, and the car slid out of control. The car came to rest about 75 feet off the road. Dopp admitted to going 40 to 50 mph in the 35-mph zone, and police confirmed the crash was speed related. The car was sent to Las Vegas, Nevada, to be repaired. The crash caused damages to the oil pan and bumpers and numerous scratches.

Jalopnik claims that this crash might have been on purpose. It says that a close friend of Dopp contacted the web site and said the car was totaled in order to collect $300,000 insurance payout. Jalopnik reasons that since Dopp had to put his house up as collateral for the insurance and taxes, which could have exceeded $100,000, he must have ultimately been planning to wreck the Lamborghini and collect the insurance money. It also points to a post Dopp put on Jay Leno’s Facebook page asking for help with selling the car.

We think that Dopp simply wanted to enjoy his new toy before he was forced to get rid of it.

According to the Associated Press, Dopp is going to have the car repaired, and then he will try to sell it.

"I already had offers on it. I'm going to sell it," David Dopp said Wednesday. "I have bills more important than a Lamborghini. I've got a family to support."

David Dopp Lambo crasher

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Posted by: Tabitha Foss
Posted on: 12/21/2011 at 12:20 PM
Categories: Lamborghini
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