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Arrinera Venocara: Poland's Lamborghini-look-alike supercar

Arrinera Venocara

With its rip-off Lamborghini styling and initial computer-generated images, some speculated that Poland-based Arrinera’s first supercar was nothing more than a blunder waiting to happen. That idea was turned on its head when pictures and a video of the car on public roads surfaced and a big name in the automotive arena was dropped. Lee Noble has an extensive resume. His work on the Ultima MkI sparked the interest of McLaren, which then used two Ultima chassis in the development of the F1. Noble went on to create Noble Automotive, which produced the M12 sports car. In 2006, he sold the company and has since gone on to start Fenix Automotive. The Arrinera is the latest project to incorporate his name, although he reportedly owns a modest 5 percent stake.

Arrinera Venocara

Arrinera Automotive SA’s first vehicle, the Venocara, will be available as both a coupe and roadster. The car is powered by the ZR1’s 6.2-liter V-8 creating 638 hp and 604 lb-ft of torque. The mid-mounted engine mostly likely powers the rear wheel through GM’s six-speed manual transmission. Ceramic disc brakes are responsible for stopping the car.

The body is constructed entirely from carbon fiber and Kevlar composites and is accented by 19-inch rims at the front axle and 20-inch rims at the rear. Access to the Arrinera is through Lamborghini doors, fitting considering the look of the car. Arrinera says inspiration for the car’s design comes from the radar-evading stealth fighter aircraft. However, there is no denying the Lamborghini styling cues, which, to name just a few, include an Reventon-esque front end, Gallardo-like rear intakes, and vents ahead of the rear wheels that are similar to those on the Murcielago.

Arrinera Venocara

Arrinera asserts that the cabin will be adorned in only the finest handcrafted leather and carbon fiber and highlighted with aluminum trim. The Venocara also includes a thermal imaging camera that scans the road ahead and displays any items of a higher temperature on a central display.

Arrinera hopes the Venocara will make its way into production by late 2012.

Arrinera Venocara

[via Veno and Arrinera]

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Posted by: Benjamin Greene
Posted on: 8/11/2011 at 5:24 AM
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Categories: General News
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