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The winner of our Exotic Cars and Women Photography Contest is...

duPont REGISTRY’s Facebook page, which previously held an artwork contest that we told you about here, is proud to announce that the winner of its Exotic Cars and Women Photography Contest is Tiffani Shipman, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Tiffani’s entry was a picture of her posing next to a white Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 provided by Lamborghini Las Vegas and was taken by A.D. Cook at an old Audi dealership in Henderson, Nevada. Shipman works for South Central Sportchassis, which caters to such well-known celebrities as Shaquille O’Neal and Chirs “Birdman” Anderson, as a salesperson and is not a professional model. She hopes to one day host her own T.V. show, maybe on the Speed channel, which focuses on her hobby: frame-off restorations. Read more about Tiffani Shipman on her web site.

duPont REGISTRY's Exotic Car Women Winner

Second place was a photo submitted by Dennis Canuto of an unnamed woman Sloan Stewart sitting next to his 1995 Volkswagen Corrado and taken by Garret Newsom in the lower level of a parking garage in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Corrado, as Dennis explains it, was a rare car imported into the United States from 1990–94. The model owned by Canuto is a 1995 model that he imported from the City of Hamilton in the Canadian province of Ontario. Garrett wanted to create a “beauty and the beast” sort of motif, with the dark underground and metal piping representing a beast 's lair. The girl was added to highlight the “beauty” aspects of the automobile. You see view more of Newsom’s work here.

Exotic Car and Women Photography - Second Place

The contest consisted of a select group of 15 entries; voting was held from July 6–8, 2010, via Facebook. In total the contest garnished more than 727 comments and 250 “Likes.” View all the entries on duPont REGISTRY's Facebook page.

Provided by duPont REGISTRY

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Posted by: Benjamin Greene
Posted on: 7/12/2010 at 5:48 AM
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Categories: Lamborghini | Volkswagen
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