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Which Rolls-Royce is best for you?

So you were not raked through the coals when the stock market took a plunge, your conservative investing has left you with enough money to splurge, and you are now ready to buy yourself an ultra-luxurious item to reward yourself for the hard work. Since you want to sit in the lap of luxury, you go with the one brand that has it in droves: Rolls-Royce.

Looking at the Rolls-Royce line up, one would come to believe that choosing between the Phantom sedan, Phantom Coupé, and Phantom Drophead Coupé was as easy as deciding what body configuration suits your needs best. In actuality, each car offers the driver and its passengers a different experience. Cut from the same mold, yet strangely different was our initial impression during our back-to-back drives of the three cars. Read more about which Rolls-Royce is best for you here.


Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe