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The eco-exotics can't come quick enough

As we all sit on the sidelines, hoping that the new group of eco-exotics not only flourish but will bring about a new line of vehicles that are cheap, perform well, and get great gas mileage, these eco-friendly-car producers are struggling in the new economy. These manufactures, which includes Tesla, Karma, and Ronn Motors, amongst others, are making great promises but mass production of their vehicles just can’t come quick enough.  

After Karma announced to the world that it won the Tesla lawsuit, it decided to buy a large 30,000+ square-foot facility in Michigan, just as Tesla was announcing that it will be closing its factory in the same state and cutting a quarter of its workforce. Even though Tesla has delivered 50 of its all-electric Lotus-based cars so far, it looks like Fisker, which should start delivering its cars in late in 2009, may win the war.  

Ronn Motor's Hydrogen-powered Scorpion, meanwhile, was just unveiled, in the flesh, to an awaiting crowd at SEMA. While the car shows promise, it still leaves many enthusiasts wondering why BMW, which has spent a lot of money and time looking into Hydrogen since 1979, is not already taking advantage of this rather simple technology.

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Ronn Motors Scorpion

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Posted by: Benjamin Greene
Posted on: 11/13/2008 at 5:21 AM
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Categories: Fisker | Ronn Motors | Tesla
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